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Hi Guys! (Noods)

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Hi all. Hope you are all well!


Sadly, my (mac) laptop is slowly dying, also unable to support other games and most importantly my work/education in design.  It overheats and crashes or gives me a blank screen when turned on sometimes. 


So, its still somewhat useable but I need to get a new laptop before it dies completely (since I live in an apt. with almost no space and a family, can't get a desktop), I was wondering if you can suggest something midrange?  I don't have a lot of savings for this, and if you are in the mood for gifting, you can do so here: https://www.gofundme.com/trying-to-buy-a-midrange-laptop but don't have to. :)


Thank you for reading! 


My birthday passed and here are some nudes for you. Enjoy! <3





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I can smell them burgers now.


Side note, I purchased an HP Omen refurbished on Amazon and I'm quite happy with it for gaming. I prefer my desktop but it plays L4D2 just fine. When you see me typing !helpme in chat it's because it

does have weird keys and my hands aren't used to the layout and I keep hitting it for my !buy bind lol


I think they're on daily deal again for TODAY but they do go up quite frequently. -- I would highly recommend them. The only downside to mine is I would have preferred an SSD but I plan on putting one in myself later.




Hope you can get back in soon.

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@Merc - Thank youuu!


@Looney - Thank you so much! Refurbished stuff would help out a lot with my budget. Currently, I see it costs $850, right not now I can't buy that but I will keep a lookout for a cheaper deal from them. Thank you!

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