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  1. The more I play of the beta (after this last update) the more excited I am to play it with my GC family. It will be a pleasure shooting you all in a CS:GO server. :-) I forgot how crappy a lot of other community servers are compare to ours.
  2. Apparently I don't have permission to view it :-(
  3. Stutters, you're so kind. So, I want to actually PLAY on a GC server this weekend!!! What are we waiting for, hmmm? Also, I agree with others here, the last update REALLY made this game kick a lot of arse. I'm just really glad that they fixed the horrible, no good, dirty, rotten scoreboard.
  4. OK, I see that we apparently have a server, but I can't find it. Someone please help me as I am too lazy to comb the forums :-)
  5. No error. Turns out that, although I'm the one entering all of the articles into SP, I don't have permisson to delete files that are uploaded. Makes perfect sense...
  6. GJ ZD...now, if you could just come here and show us how to use SP, I'd be happy. I can't find any way to delete docs that I've uploaded now, which is driving me insane. We're not pulling and publishing articles directly from SP to the web, but rather uploading them to SalesForce (which is awful), then publishing them. It is quite the process, and it's driving me nuts. :-(
  7. ZD, is 2010 vastly improved? SharePoint is something we're integrating now where I work and it freaking sucks. I mean, there is virtually nothing intuitive about it. We're attempting to use it to track help articles for our new help system, and it's a huge pain. Here's an example: There is an article index, which is basically an informational database that tells you all about an article, like when it was produced, who has worked on it, and what the current status is. That's all great, but I can't CHECK OUT THE ARTICLE FROM THERE! That makes no sense! Instead, I have to click on the article list, find the matching document, check it out, then go back and update the information in the database. That's just ridiculous. I don't know if it's SharePoint, or the people that set it up for our project, but it's frustrating as hell.
  8. Also, this is a like-new tablet. I've only been using it for a couple of months.
  9. Cortex A8 processor. I'm running UrukDroid 1.0 on it right now, but it typically runs Froyo. There will be a Gingerbread update to it, but it doesn't have the cahones for Honeycomb. The A8 is the same exact processor that is in the Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy tab has a slightly better GPU, but I get solid performance out of this thing (running emulators takes a lot of juice). The screen is capacitive, and it has full HD HDMI out. The USB port can be used for standard peripherals if you buy a USB host cable for it (microSD). It has a kickstand, which just rocks. Also, it has support for more codecs than most any other protable device I've seen (I regularly watch mkv files on it, for example). For detailed specs, go here: http://www.archos.com/products/ta/archos_70it/specs.html?country=us&lang=en It's pretty thin, and despite being inexpensive the build quality feels pretty solid to me. The kickstand is plastic and feels like it might be flimsy when you open it, but I use it all the time without trouble. My one real complaint about the device is the way they partition the internal 8GB of memory and the fact that they aren't up to an ext4 file system yet. That's why I'm using UrukDroid--it repartitions the application space on the 8GB internal memory so you have room for a crap-load more apps and uses ext4. As a side note, to be 100% honest, installing UrukDroid does void the warranty, so this doesn't have one. However, there is a pretty awesome community of people for the 101 and 70 (both basically the same tablet with different size screens) here: http://forum.archosfans.com/ They also develop UrukDroid and some other stuff over at XDA. Let me know if you want to know anything else about it! Edit: Cortex A8 = 1 ghz (I have mine clocked at 1.2, I think)
  10. I am likely going to sell my Archos 70 Android tablet because I'm getting a fancier tablet as a gift (ASUS Transformer). The Archos 70 is pretty sweet though. I use it mostly for SNES/NES/PSX emulation and reading comics and eBooks. It's a good little device, and if you're looking for a cheap Android tablet, it's a good way to go. Anyway, if anyone is interested, I was thinking of selling it for $150. PM me!
  11. a lot of us old-school people have started playing again--I've been out for about a week because I started a new job and was out of town--but I'll be playing again this week!
  12. I recently upgraded from a C2D clocked at 3.1 ghz to an i7 1366 chip. I just got a ridiculously high end motherboard (ASUS Rampage III) and the new i7, plus 6 GB of DDR3. Man, the system flies. I notice a difference in both Windows 7 and gaming, and I didn't change out my 8800 GTX. The difference in gaming isn't massive, but it's definitely there. For instance, I now run CS:S at 299 fps no matter what's going on, whereas, before, I'd run it at 70 to 160. Crysis plays a bit better, and the system loads faster. Most of the cost was in Christmas gift cards though, so that's the only reason I bought an (at the time) $300 motherboard (actually, my father-in-law bought me the motherboard straight out). For gaming, right now, the 1366 chipset is actually a hair better than Sandy Bridge...that being said, Sandy Bridge is better in just about every other category--but last I checked, 1366 was about the same price as an i5 SB setup, and a 1366 i7 is likely better (for gaming) than an SB i5. Just some food for thought.
  13. This was an awesome idea, by the way--GG FK Also, Storekeeper---when I manage to retire some time in the far distant future (because social security will be gone), I intend to game like it's my job! I'm jealous you're closer to that than I am!
  14. Congrats winners...I will slay you all in the server now as a reward.
  15. STEAM_0:0:147585 is in fact my steam ID...hope no one can use that against me
  16. Also on the G15, it supports waaaaaay more simultaneous keys than most keyboards. For instance, I can be crouched, with tab held down to check scores, be strafing, and jump all at the same time...my old keyboard only supported two or three keys, so sometimes I'd be holding down shift and a to walk, then I'd hit the spacebar to jump and nothing would happen. I think you can press something like 15 simultaneous keys on the G15 and they'd all work (which I know is a ridiculous amount, but it makes me feel better). Also, on servers where they only have a 1 or 2 second buy-time, I get all my crap with my macro nearly instantly.
  17. I am going to renew April 1st--(full admin)...is that too late to be entered in for the prize??
  18. Man, the randomness that occurs here astrounds me sometimes...

  19. Tactile just refers to the feeling of something. I like the way it feels when I push the keys--I'm not talking about haptic feedback. Technically, everything has a certain tactile feel to it because everything FEELS like something when you touch it. :-) When I say tactile feedback, I'm referring to the way the keys go up and down. I am not sure the specific mechanism used, but I know that I really enjoy the keyboard. Hope that clears things up for you a bit.
  20. I have a Saetek keyboard as well (their first backlit one). It has been really good to me--I like the G15 a LOT better though--the tactile feedback is better and the G15 will accept more simultaneous inputs.
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