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  1. I believe that is on Superior next to the Affinia Chicago Hotel. I had intended to try out Great Lake in Andersonville this week, but that will have to wait for another trip.
  2. Even Wisconsin girls need love. You're just bitter that you personally lost OVER 9000 consecutive games of Giant Jenga.
  3. Evidently, Stutters and I are gonna try to meet up later today in Chicago. If anyone is in the area, and wants to meet up, feel free. One of us will post up details once we make up are womanly minds where/when exactly. Definitely beers downtown.
  4. Well, let's see. I already know how to die like a man. Some things I DO need to learn: how to use a turret effectively; how to cloak/disguise/backstab as a spy. But, not to over think it. Part of the fun of this game is the cartoonishness of the whole thing. A scout running around hitting a baseball into a buffoonish tank with a Germanic accent and a love of sandwiches.
  5. I think I could grow to like this game. Not a fan of Arena yet. Preferred the maps with objectives. I am a bit disappointed that the turrets are so easily taken out. Granted, I probably am still learning how to use them effectively. But you get your dispenser and turret finally setup and upgraded, and along comes demo or pyro and boom in 2 seconds. :/
  6. I'll plan to log on. I've not played TF2, and only a little TF back in grad school. So, ya know, I'll be noobtastic. or something.
  7. Didn't you also get married? Just sayin'.
  8. There have been some interesting things written recently about how good an investment real estate (specifically primary residence) really is in both the short or long term. The short version is, it really isn't a money maker. There are good reasons to own, and equally good reasons to rent. The discussion isn't really easily condensed into this forum, unfortunately. One deciding factor is how long you intend to stay. A good guideline is 5 years. If you want to commit to a house for a minimum of five years, a house CAN be a good solution. Less than that, probably not. My personal advice, unless you can afford a true 80/20 conventional mortgage, AND that 20% doesn't deplete ALL of your savings, then you should strongly consider continuing to rent. YMMV.
  9. Is this a personal machine or a uni-provided box? If the latter, put those on-campus support lackeys to work. -Fk Yeah work. Work Order Submitted via Webform: Computer Name: Optiplex755 XXXX Location: Palenske XXX Description of Problem: Can't play my Futurama DVDs during work hours. Fix NAO. kthnx. hmmmmmmm...
  10. Windows XP, presumably latest service pack (college/windows update pushes all updates out in real time). Have tried Cyberlink, WinDVD and VLC. No known working DVDs. Honestly don't recall when exactly it stopped, other than after last summer, when I came back for the fall semester. Only try to trouble shoot every couple of months, really. Academia = between meetings and teaching sit in your office and write/grade for hours on end. For background ambiance while doing these things choose one of the following: Movie Music Radio Work/Study Students cavorting about for your amusement All this can be yours for 11 years of college and 25 years of school loan payments. :/
  11. So... for the longest time I've watched DVD movies on my computer at work. Dell Opti 755 ATI Radeon 2400 Pro out through a DMS-59 port into 2XDVI adapter to two Dell 2208WFP panels at 1680X1050 at 75Hz. At some point, it just stopped working... I've done a crapload of debugging, and to no avail. Different players, decoders, driver updates, DX9 updates... I downloaded a trial of Corel WinDVD 2010 and it flashes a brief error about "your environment does not support protected blah blah"... Some fragments on the web lead me to believe that maybe DVI into two monitors isn't supported by HDCP? Anyone have known good configs like mine?
  12. OOOOOhhhhhhhh! NOW I get it. You're all talking about BOOBS!
  13. Officially, I find this horribly offensive.
  14. A fair point. I'll allow it. This one will be borne out or not. We'll all just have to wait and see. Myself, I'm making no predictions either way.
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