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  1. I believe that is on Superior next to the Affinia Chicago Hotel. I had intended to try out Great Lake in Andersonville this week, but that will have to wait for another trip.
  2. Even Wisconsin girls need love. You're just bitter that you personally lost OVER 9000 consecutive games of Giant Jenga.
  3. Evidently, Stutters and I are gonna try to meet up later today in Chicago. If anyone is in the area, and wants to meet up, feel free. One of us will post up details once we make up are womanly minds where/when exactly. Definitely beers downtown.
  4. Well, let's see. I already know how to die like a man. Some things I DO need to learn: how to use a turret effectively; how to cloak/disguise/backstab as a spy. But, not to over think it. Part of the fun of this game is the cartoonishness of the whole thing. A scout running around hitting a baseball into a buffoonish tank with a Germanic accent and a love of sandwiches.
  5. I think I could grow to like this game. Not a fan of Arena yet. Preferred the maps with objectives. I am a bit disappointed that the turrets are so easily taken out. Granted, I probably am still learning how to use them effectively. But you get your dispenser and turret finally setup and upgraded, and along comes demo or pyro and boom in 2 seconds. :/
  6. I'll plan to log on. I've not played TF2, and only a little TF back in grad school. So, ya know, I'll be noobtastic. or something.
  7. Didn't you also get married? Just sayin'.
  8. There have been some interesting things written recently about how good an investment real estate (specifically primary residence) really is in both the short or long term. The short version is, it really isn't a money maker. There are good reasons to own, and equally good reasons to rent. The discussion isn't really easily condensed into this forum, unfortunately. One deciding factor is how long you intend to stay. A good guideline is 5 years. If you want to commit to a house for a minimum of five years, a house CAN be a good solution. Less than that, probably not. My personal advice, unless you can afford a true 80/20 conventional mortgage, AND that 20% doesn't deplete ALL of your savings, then you should strongly consider continuing to rent. YMMV.
  9. Is this a personal machine or a uni-provided box? If the latter, put those on-campus support lackeys to work. -Fk Yeah work. Work Order Submitted via Webform: Computer Name: Optiplex755 XXXX Location: Palenske XXX Description of Problem: Can't play my Futurama DVDs during work hours. Fix NAO. kthnx. hmmmmmmm...
  10. Windows XP, presumably latest service pack (college/windows update pushes all updates out in real time). Have tried Cyberlink, WinDVD and VLC. No known working DVDs. Honestly don't recall when exactly it stopped, other than after last summer, when I came back for the fall semester. Only try to trouble shoot every couple of months, really. Academia = between meetings and teaching sit in your office and write/grade for hours on end. For background ambiance while doing these things choose one of the following: Movie Music Radio Work/Study Students cavorting about for your amusement All this can be yours for 11 years of college and 25 years of school loan payments. :/
  11. So... for the longest time I've watched DVD movies on my computer at work. Dell Opti 755 ATI Radeon 2400 Pro out through a DMS-59 port into 2XDVI adapter to two Dell 2208WFP panels at 1680X1050 at 75Hz. At some point, it just stopped working... I've done a crapload of debugging, and to no avail. Different players, decoders, driver updates, DX9 updates... I downloaded a trial of Corel WinDVD 2010 and it flashes a brief error about "your environment does not support protected blah blah"... Some fragments on the web lead me to believe that maybe DVI into two monitors isn't supported by HDCP? Anyone have known good configs like mine?
  12. OOOOOhhhhhhhh! NOW I get it. You're all talking about BOOBS!
  13. Officially, I find this horribly offensive.
  14. A fair point. I'll allow it. This one will be borne out or not. We'll all just have to wait and see. Myself, I'm making no predictions either way.
  15. My feelings about this device seem to evolve daily. My current thoughts are: The idea of a coffee table device that aggregates media/control could come to pass: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1221657 for instance. Getting this device down to a Sub-$500 dollar entry point may have been quite an accomplishment. I realize my statement above that this device needs to be even cheaper (eventually) and this last statement seem incompatible, but are both true IMHO. It is also this last statement that explains in my mind the use of many very "un-apple" like dongles/adapters to add what many of us feel were core functionalities. I have to be honest, I wish I had the disposable income to buy an entry level model when they come out. Not so much because I have the "need", but rather the curiosity to try it out and see how it can evolve in uses. If they add the kinds of software for home automation/AV control it sounds like are coming, I may have to break down.
  16. LOL. I hate to say it, but when I saw this the first time I had only recently seen the movie, and felt it was spot on. I didn't dislike Avatar, but... c'mon... Even without the above pic, how much in the story was really original? Even the tree of life/connected planet goes back at least to Asimov (at least, that is what I could point it back to. likely others). Shoulda been a summer movie. Woulda liked it more as a "popcorn muncher". Although, on that point, it was brilliant to release in in Dec. You score the Christmas glut, then trample the lean months in Jan/Feb and rake in what looks to be $2B world wide. I may criticize his story, but not James Cameron's business acumen.
  17. After seeing this thing insight verbal riots across the interwebs, I'm hesitant to jump in here... But feck it. I'm totally mixed on this device. I go back and forth. FOR ME AND ME ALONE: I actually would like a device like this for casual browsing while out and about. My iPhone is to small for everyday web browsing. It's fine for looking up info on the fly, but not for sustained browsing/reading. I also like the idea of my print media needs being localized into one device (news,textbooks, magazines,novels, and hopefully in the future comics). I can also see the value of one of these on the coffee table, as someone above pointed out. Having said that, I won't be buying one soon. Basically cost. Not that it is per se overpriced. Just that I can't currently justify 3 devices (iPhone for everyday walking around, iPad for casual media consumption when stationary, and notebook for real workies) at ANY cost. I am curious, on the other hand, to see how this matures. If we get to a point where for $250 (somewhat randomly chosen dollar amount) you can get this device, maybe with a few extra features in 2nd/3rd gen (camera, etc.), then I'm VEEEEERY interested. Then sleepy.
  18. For the past 9 years: Associate Professor of Physics at a small, liberal arts college in the midwest. I enjoy long walks on the beach, thunder storms, and snuggling. Turn-offs include mean people, thunder storms, and any sexual maneuver whose name contains the words rusty, dirty, or meat-hook. Motto: women need to be in the mood, men need to be in the room.
  19. Not hard. Right now, Win7 isn't officially supported. Some of us have a video issue during the Win7 install. Right after it reboots and attempts to enter the part of install where you enter your key/etc. There is a workaround using the windows install console, which is a bit of a pain, but not insurmountable. Also, a couple of devices (sound/bluetooth) aren't 100% there. They seem to work intermittantly on my machine. But, if you have ever built your own machine and installed windows, it aint no thing. CEM P.S. And to answer your question fully: you only need your OSX install disk and a windows install disk. Also, Happy Thanksgiving all.
  20. More Thoughts Concern 1: It runs hot. In OSX desktop usage, not so much. In Win7 playing Dragon Age, it gets quite toasty. The aluminum chassis is warm. I have a concern that when I VESA mount it, it will be tucked a bit tightly over a desk and under a cabinet. Since the air flow is from bottom to top, it could be an issue. Will have to consider... Must utilize my physics powers... Concern 2 (alleviated). I was worried that the ATI 4870 may prove to be underpowered. I would have liked a 5 series option, personally. But, again, this isn't a 1337 gaming rig, it's the kid's school work/cooking mama rig, with a little gaming on the side. However, I'm running CS:S at the full (absurd) resolution of the monitor with high settings and it pulls 100 fps. I setup Dragon Age (more modern game) at full resolution, and it plays very smooth. No benching done ATM. I know Apple isn't for everyone. But all PC/Mac stuff aside, if you ever are in the need for an all-in-one, I can definitely say you should consider this machine.
  21. Got bootcamp setup with windows 7. Getting CS:S setup. Also just bought Dragon Age: Origins. Just in time for Christmas Break. Only problem with win7 is that my bluetooth keyboard and mouse don't work yet.
  22. Another thought... I like the new mouse. The multitouch thing is cool. I could see this becoming more standard.
  23. It's here. In fact, I'm typing on it now. First impressions: It's HUGE! Holy crap is it ever. Until I get it VESA mounted it sits quite a bit forward on the desk. Which makes it look absurdly large. Once it is wall mounted it won't a problem. It looks great. duh. Not sure if I like the bluetooth keyboard. The spacing is a bit odd. I'll give it some time. I ordered the full size keyboard too, so I can switch if needed I'm gonna go get a copy of Win7 and setup bootcamp this evening. I'll put steam on and try out some CS:S later to see how the gaming end of it works out. CEM/SS
  24. lol Do it yourself. It still works. LOL. Actually I did. I just was holding Bunny "to her proofs". And it did work on Firefox. At least for me. But it was somewhat meh. Just a bunch of purple lens flares. Like J.J. Abrahms threw up on my screen.
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