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  1. Yo yo, got a small problem here. For about a week and a half whenever I play CSS or TF2 I'm getting some massive lag spikes. It's like every other minute or so I get a large spike in loss/choke, it goes away after a second but it keeps happening? It's not just on GC servers, so I'm worried my comp might be bugging out or at the very least my video card, or it may just be my internet connection. Suggestions?
  2. After getting hit by a car at 80 mph and needing surgery on my right shoulder, I'm ready to get back in the gym and regain all my lost strength. I've already done 4 months of physical therapy so I have my 'base strength' back I guess, but I need to get back up there so I can compete at my level again for next wrestling season. Any tips from anyone else whose had surgery?
  3. After my shoulders done with physical therapy I too am getting back in working out. Need to be ready for next wrestling season : p
  4. Shadowman


    If you shake it more than three times, you're playing with it. Stay away from any non-nintendo brand accesory stuff, nothing really good is out yet for it. Some games to buy are: No More Heroes Super Mario Galaxy Guitar Hero III (wooOOooo) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Metroid Prime 3 Mario Kart Wii and Smash Bros Brawl are out next month as well.
  5. Did you try the reset button on the Wii, not the ones in the acutal wii remotes, but there's a reset switch on the Wii on the front. Try pressing that and the reset buttons on the Wii remotes. Might work. If not call Nintendo's support line, if the things are busted they usually will just ship you free new wii motes.
  6. Plot Armor. The game looks fun enough, and I really don't mind extras like Vader being thrown in there. Wish they'd shove Link back in the game.
  7. That new Resident Evil FPS for the Wii is pretty snazzy, as well as Guitar Hero III. Fire Emblem is pretty fun too, but harder than any game before : P
  8. You can now enjoy your bacon while getting a tan for the beach?
  9. One time me and my brother were walking though a Meijer's, a Target-Walmart clone in Michigan, and we passed the toy department on the way to the electronics section. Wanting to go there to pick up a DVD at 3 in the morning on X-mas eve proved to be a mistake as we reached the department to find it swarmed with people desperately trying to get their shopping done. After much shoving and rude comments we knabbed "Super Troopers", only on the way out to watch two grown men duking it out for the last Nintendo DS, eventually the larger man throwing the smaller man into a group of women and taking out a display case of sun tan lotion and ready-to-serve bacon. Oddest five minutes of my life.
  10. I don' think so, I've never had this problem with it before and nothings changed from where the main computer+wifi is and inbetween where my personal comp is. What would cause interference? I'm a techno-n00b with this stuff.
  11. So the last couple of days I haven't been able to do jack with my computer with online stuff besides Instant Messenger, and even then it cuts out. My connection is using wireless internet and all that jazz, and every so often the connection just cuts out and the linksys monitor will display "Cannot Associate with Access Point" or "Internet Can't Be Found". Sometimes I'll be able to get on the internet, but the moment I try going to a site with anything downloadable (images, video, etc) I lose my connection again and have to wait for the dang thing to reconnect. Should I just abandon all ye hope and reformat?
  12. Just got home from 8 am practice blargh...
  13. Like the guy who paid 35.99 for each season would really want to pay 29.95 for all three instead! COME ON!
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