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  1. SlyFox (5) and Seela (4) will be there.
  2. Mr. and Mrs. SlyFox will be attending.
  3. Slyfox


    Which restaurant is the pizza/wings/ribs coming from?
  4. THANK YOU FATTY!!!!!!!!!! And everyone else too!!!!!!!!!
  5. Editting to change my post - someone is bringing an extra for me to use.
  6. I initially entered 90% but once I spoke with Mrs. Slyfox about it and seeing that THX and Pai Mei are 100%ing - looks like 100% for us too!
  7. Here is some info on Folding @ home - Folding @ Home Folding at Home Info Movie I have been folding with PCPerspective(AMDmb) for over a year now. It's a great cause and a great bunch of people.
  8. 7. Mav 60. Gond 61. Venge 62. Chamber 66. Zester 70. Pai Mei
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