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  1. Been livin on the road since fragfest last year just ridin my motorcycle and tent campin. Cheaprvliving.com is a good place to get info and how to tips. Arizona is the place to go, so much blm land, national forest and just open desert to stay for free. Flagstaff in the summer parker, quartsite, yuma along with a visit to slab city(wide wonderful range of weird) in the winter. Good luck, safe travels.
  2. mine can go to next year. Thanks to marvin and anyone else that helped put it togethor. i know mav bought a bunch of us food, i thank him for that. Planning something like that sucks, you know something will go wrong just cause it can and someone somewhere will moan it wasnt this or i could not do that. Now im off to a sundance festival, the UP of Michigan then to south dakota for sturgis then Further, w00t! i had a good time, thanks again
  3. Mmmm pizza, nice thx
  4. Kurtz

    Guitar Lessons

    I have a question for joda. ive taken a beginners class, learned and forgot the basic cords,then lost interest for a bit. Then i wanted to learn how to finger pick, so i learned and forgot a couple times how to finger pick some basic scales. Just tryin to develop some basic fingering skills and lost interest again. so now im gonna be traveling and i want to start playin again. What are some good basic exercises i can do to just develop overall good playing techniques? I have zero actual music knowledge(reading music and such) other than that 1 class its been me learnin from tabs and utube and anything other than a slow blues beat and i look like steve martin in "the jerk" any suggestions would be great thx
  5. from chicago here although not really sure what route or how fast i want to do it in, if anyone is going from same area and want to caravan let me know
  6. Im also in just havent paid up yet.
  7. ill be there, can you put me at the monkey table?I know, Its an acquired smell. But by the time i left last time, i was clean of all parasites, especially in the scrotal area. Man they really focused on the scrotal area. ill take a look for the link to pay up or pm me thx
  8. Watup, Slyfox, Mustard and myself have been playin Ark. I heard Longhair jumped on ts about a year ago not sure what he is up to. I've wondered what Chief has been up to
  9. was comin here to post that great game! now more than a handful of peeps playin. now playin on official server 33, merc if u lookin for people to play with, hop on. best directions i can give you to find us: spawn south our base is between Lat 70;80 Long. 50;60 very NE corner of that grid https://www.google.com/search?q=ark+map+survival&biw=1729&bih=920&tbm=isch&imgil=Xtn826apzOLJSM%253A%253BY5aBoaUEBT9DDM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fsteamcommunity.com%25252Fsharedfiles%25252Ffiledetails%25252F%25253Fid%2525253D462248459&source=iu&pf=m&fir=Xtn826apzOLJSM%253A%252CY5aBoaUEBT9DDM%252C_&usg=__iX4IWJKPZ_XiWzMoOUstjXwQPrs%3D&ved=0CCgQyjdqFQoTCLWn9tqImsgCFUwWkgodgDcN5A&ei=418JVvUpzKzIBIDvtKAO#imgrc=Tf67FjKp-M89jM%3A&usg=__iX4IWJKPZ_XiWzMoOUstjXwQPrs%3D
  10. mustard, renegade, lunk, yermother and myself have been playin on 436, ive heard yermother describe it as minecraft meets fps in a mmorpg setting. Really does feel like a true sandbox, wanna build and craft go ahead, wanna go tame a argentavis so you can fly around or go up into the mountains to harvest crystals and metal, go ahead. You just like to kill stuff, thats fine also. Im playin to much the lack of sleep is killin me. I havent had to say that since swg-pre cu
  11. last day of free play http://steamcommunit...18053434724752/ . been havin a blast, mustard, slyfox and that useless poo flinging monkey himself, Yermoth3r and myself have been playin on server 436 for anyone interested
  12. WOW Im havin a great time with this game and really havent scratched the surface. About to get into the whole animal taming thing. i want a Gigantopithecus http://www.oldtimersguild.com/vb/showthread.php?228290-you-want-information-i-gots-da-information link to a post that has all the info you can want about the game. Just found this http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/520518053434724752/ free weekend + hidden artifacts in game that if you find will give 50% of if i read it right
  13. Such a fun game so far, on server 436, only at level 15 so if others are playin let me know what server http://ark.gamepedia.com/ARK:_Survival_Evolved_Wiki new player guide tutoral http://store.steampowered.com/app/346110 Taming Gigantopithecus , About the 15 minute mark is when they tame him. -FPS aim which is great, so much more fun with fps tageting -open world survival game Check it out
  14. Kurtz

    the repopulation

    Game seems to be makin very good progress, a release for 4Q is the goal, Yermoth3r and myself have been playin. If your lookin for a mmorpg sandbox game check it out.
  15. get back to the basics i was planing on going this year because i have a new toy to take on a road trip i went to the first 4ff's then it went hotels and thats when it became to much money and planning. A overall cheap weekend road trip with a barn/big garage and a place to put a tent(slept in truck for 2 of those years) is all this started out as and id love to see it go back to that providing the basic shelters have the electrical supply which was the main prob. in the early days if i remember right.
  16. Kurtz

    the repopulation

    so you wanna craft? http://aena.at/craftmap/
  17. Kurtz

    the repopulation

    nda lifted and available on steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/322300/
  18. Kurtz

    the repopulation

    Also postin here not sure anyone checks the mmo forum https://therepopulation.com/ I gave in and bought into this game, if you were a fan of star wars galaxies check this game out. Seems deep and interesting, complex crafting system, open world housing, resource drivin, player created tournaments, minigames, player cities, player shops, creature taming/pets. Alot of videos on what they have so far. Logged in for the first time last night and made a toon. A ton of customization(to the point of being overwhelming) you wont have a problem finding your individuality or with looking like every one else. Started the tutorial, gonna take awhile to learn and get used to the ui and movement. So far it does remind me of swg.
  19. Kurtz

    the repopulation

    https://therepopulation.com/ I gave in and bought into this game, if you were a fan of star wars galaxies check this game out. Seems deep and interesting, complex crafting system, open world housing, resource drivin, player created tournaments, minigames, player cities, player shops. alot of videos on what they have so far.
  20. Kurtz

    DarkFall Online

    free week http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/227400/
  21. I remember drivin to the very first fragfest with bob and wilco from the chicago area. Was a good man, piece and love bob
  22. Kurtz

    DarkFall Online

    Mustard you still playin? I havent been on for the past 2 months due to life stuff and was wanting to get back into it, get a hold of me in game or on aim cscolonelkurtz the clan i was in is also rebuilding nicely we have more actives and more newer players to grind and farm with so look me up
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