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  1. <shrugs> If you show up at my house, I will feed you and we can put back some brews. Golf may be a long shot for me....have my girls and one of them has to be at volleyball from 9-11 tomorrow morning. Flitter, your work amazes me.....and you've never even been to an FFO.
  2. Make sure you have it.
  3. SEND OUT A MASS EMAIL....spam spam spam
  4. 10 people? 11, 12, 13, 14 for me and my girls.
  5. Kalo and Soccer report the following: -can't get a destroyed block -can't open chests -can't flip levers -can't go to a set home -can't talk -can't go to Nether -couldn't swim this is perhaps known and addressed, but just forwarding reports cheers!
  6. What's the Dynmap address?
  7. Do you have a copy of Monopoly at home?
  8. let me know. zakmak3's brother got on and went on a rampage. His mom works in my school, and is aware that it's not cool. I told him and his brother they needed to gather it up and leave it in a chest in my house. He's upset, doesn't want to be banned....I said we'll try to get it fixed up.
  9. Fatty

    Here's a first

    Just informed someone they were banned....on a field trip bus ride. :-0 FYI Basically 4 kids stuffs will be razed and them removed from whitelist. If you need more details or you are involved see Tirtul for more info.
  10. tsk....tsk....tsk.... stand by....you little outlaw....
  11. hahahahhaha funny and very curious....I need to know what happened that he got banned....not that he won't behave now....<stares at Brian>
  12. Fatty

    D Day, of sorts

    I just looked at my of my geekiest kids and had a quick conversation between classes. Fatty: "I need you to be prepared with as much cobblestone as you can, I'm making a castle." Soccerstud: "We can make the wall 4 blocks wide." Fatty: "You're limiting yourself. I said big. The walls on the inner keep will be no less than 8 wide and you'll see it from space without zooming." Soccerstud: "I'm gonna need a couple cobblestone generators." Fatty: <blank stare and pause> "Yes.....yes you will....."
  13. My oldest ran the track on foot last night, lol.... "/warp wis" will prove invaluable tonight if the rails are an issue....I'll spread it around....
  14. Met with some of the kids again to discuss the map link and the mine shaft travel to our outpost. Posted the usernames, messaged Flitterkill (if I should have another immediate contact for this server, let me know, I hate to bother FK if I don't need to and someone else wouldn't mind texts).
  15. Mya running a briefing, explaining the spawn and how to get to the mine shaft. If that shaft isn't unblocked, it's gonna be interesting. Can someone verify that those names have been added? Needs to be prior to 2:30 PM EST. A few older kids from chess club may wonder in before the WIS kids....
  16. Additional name: yummybro22 As early as 2:30 PM EST these guys will be looking to get in.
  17. DominatorLJ9 kingmalmo ScyclX11 bobevan111111 mikele2 soccerstud Bfunktified NicktheNoodle01 murdersorus Lioncloud catsmeow87 issy6789 zebow206 zakmak3 funniersum KaloBulgaria123 Btmancini butterman213534 turbo_fighter2 Let me know if there's any issues with anyone...don't see why there would be. Today I'll show them the map (that's so awesome) and describe how they can get there.... Although my kids jumped on this morning and said the mineshaft was blocked up or something (there was some crazy zombie thing in there last night). Kudos to RadioKnight who was very helpful in his diamond hero armor last night, btw.
  18. they found the portal to follow the tracks
  19. The map is amazing. However it shoes how far away the beginning spawn is from the WIS camp. Is there a faster way to get all the way over there?
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