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  1. on the contrary...I noticed that I was able to die equally as quick with a quad core I7 over wireless as I was upstairs. Seems to be EXACTLY the same. What's a forums?
  2. I'm visiting the forums here with a monstrous gaming laptop on my lap, new for my bday. Very motivating to put to use. Who knows.
  3. First, Merry Christmas! Hope all is well with everyone. Second, anyone ever play CSS over wireless? Amy just bought me an incredible laptop (thanks Clue for working with her!) in anticipation of Diablo III.....I know, someone's gonna ask for specs..I'll find em. Anyways, I just wondered if anyone plays over wireless. Playing Red Dead with Clue on PS3 shows no latency that I can see... as far as speed on things like speakeasy I get in excess of 30 Mbps down (1.5 up) over the wireless down here in the living room....but that may not account for multiplayer CSS. Anyways, when it's done installing, I'll find out! Hope it works! Happy Holidays! omgosh, i miss all these emoticons! I spent so much time deciding on exactly what was needed by Joe Poster.
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    I Got an email about a topic I guess FFO so I clicked on it and noticed a couple things: 1)The forums are smart phone friendly! Yay you guys! the community is still rolling along ...I immediately notice a couple of seemingly hq people introducing themselves to gc. My desktop pc hasn't been turned on for months. I still read the board emailed topics here and there with some interest. Id really just like to pay compliment to the leaders who are still working the site and servers and the members who are keeping it fun. Good job! You still can't type b ) without turning emoticons off....lol
  5. Pulling the plug, just not enough interest. We should consider a winter event somewhere. Chamber: Sorry! Stutters: such LIEZ Sending an email out to announce deFragFestOhio (gg MrX on the play on words)
  6. We're gonna have to decide whether or not to even make the effort this year. 4 days, 2 replies, and this email went out to over 1,000 people. The time of the Fest may have just seen it's last days. I'm all up for getting with my bros and camping, playing bocci, horseshoes, etc.....(volleyball will be out for me as my ankle will be atrophied)....but I can't make any assumptions about who's in or out..... Soooo.......it wouldn't take much at all for me to refresh my anticipation for going....but I gotta have more scenery than THX, as sexy as he is. After I hang up here, I'm going to send an email out to all the oldies that I have in my email address book and see if we can't at least create a list of those people.
  7. I'm in!! Emailing a link out!
  8. I'll be there, cya soon

  9. The little blue tooth things are cheap if I recall correctly.... Mini plays this as well. Also, considering VooDoo and his history of racing games and pwnage vs us....we might have to retract his invitation. Lastly, does anyone even read this forum? Might this do better in Chit Chat or something?

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      Hey! Listen!

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      hey fatty for GC next fragfest I can get bawls to come out and sponsor meaning free bawls!

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      well actually they would be a dollar each but still =)

  11. Exile, it's the one all the VI went to......before we went to the hotel.....in the garage.....guitar....puke in the porta john.....poker....a few people in the pool.....volleyball...pile of people in the yard with the onlooker.... Yes, that was the place: http://www.fragfestohio.com/ff04/04vidclips/ff04trailer.wmv hmmm....here, try this link That's the place. Voodoo....dunno about golf, but since 2005 it's known for me it's Thursday morning through Sunday......and I love golf....
  12. Heh, gj lousiest! Yea, it comes out to 0.259%. Crazy....which is why I stood there looking at my 5th graders telling them they have no idea how incredibly unlikely that was. It's not like pocket aces, which are 1/200...you just play 200 hands and you'll see it. To do this in one shot was sick. I guess on those odds, I could expect that to happen if I tried at least 386 times?
  13. Solve this math problem. (cause it actually happened and I was like wow). 22 students in the class total, each has a name in a hat. 1 student is absent, and 3 are in a different classroom at the moment. I need to draw one name for a game. I draw 1, and it is one of the people that aren't here. Ok, I get that, the chances of doing that are 4/22, or ~ 18%. So I set that name aside and then procede to draw two more names...both of which are not in the room either. I could tell you the odds of doing this individually, but want someone to tell me the odds of doing it consecutively, while removing the previously drawn name from the lot. So, in review, I drew 3 names in a row, which were 3 of the 4 that were not in the room, out of 22 total. I told the kids the odds of that were highly unlikely...I just would love to see if you can calculate just how unlikely it really was... Thanks! (Yes, show your work!)
  14. Over the years I've been presented with a few bottles of "Fat Bastard" Merlot. Tonight I popped the cork on the 2006 version. Thank you, whoever you are!!! PS. Hi everyone!
  15. Mark your calendars! July 21 - 24 in Lancaster (just outside of Columbus). This is the site where our 3rd event was held. Savings out to you if you don't mind camping. Volleyball, cornhole, horseshoes, poker, etc.....all goin down! (oh, there will be computer gaming as well). The site should still have some pictures from then, and I believe you can get to the vid from the history page. Is there a motivated soul around here (CLUELESS?!?!) that would like to play more of a role in updating (creating) the FFohio 2011 forums, as well as messing with the site? Regardless of whether or not pictures come out or if the web changes or anything, we have a date set.
  16. VooDoo does get the Savior on Wheels award for driving all over Ohio for Ebil.
  17. If you took pictures at FF 2010, please zip them up and email them to me. However, I just noticed that when Clue set up the FF page on Facebook, it was a "closed" group. I've changed it to "open" which means that you can freely join, and even better, upload photos as well.
  18. Each year after our event we sit down to discuss the weekend and think about the next year. If you want to know what FF 2011 is going to be like, the closest I can come is this: http://www.fragfestohio.com/ff04/04vidclips/ff04trailer.wmv See you there!
  19. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=19444458446&v=photos
  20. Becca offered to help too! TY!
  21. Voodoo is backtracking to retrieve her from Toledo.....almost had the crew at Cedar Point organized but they didn't think they could fit her....VooDooPC to the rescue! PS. TY Penty for offering some solutions!
  22. Anyone with Dragonfire's phone number or anyone that's at Cedar Point needs to get it to me. Ebil is stuck in Detroit, and they're gonna dump her in Toledo, which is twice past Cedar Point. They are closer. She needs to be picked up.
  23. Well, you probably aren't aware, but the stud they call Renegade left everything in his trailer last year, offering to store it for the year. What this means: The "Trailer Loading Party" loses the trailer-loading part there in the beginning....so now it's just a party. I still have a mulch pile to be moved tho... :-p I'll provide the sausage, like always. It's an FF pre-party staple. You bring your drinks. Show up and runs can be made...heh...the sausage might even cause em!
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