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  1. In all honesty, hunting is easier than rocket jockey - easy to get points hunting someone who is incapped - can't do that with a jockey - and don't see many rocket jockeys coming in from quite some distance away atm - give it a go.
  2. Another achievement after Field Medic and defib would be good - with all these suggestions here, JC got a lot of work to do - god help him.
  3. Control witches; Tank on respawn after the Witch respawn has been bought; 10 jockeys (custom nights only of course).
  4. Thanks for coming here Scrotecus. Happy you found us again after 4yrs. I have unbanned you. Welcome back to GC. You can also buy a slot membership for $15 per year - that's cheaper than going to the cinema - and you get to wear cool hats. See you in game sometime soon. Thanks
  5. The UK sends it's love, support and prayers to Mexico.
  6. you guys can solve the problem with an Uzi - in this little old village - predating the Doomsday Book - the tiny road is our main highway. None will pass for quite a few hours still to come - recovery people on their way. Cucumber sammiches and beer - probably one of the first times that many villagers have been out in force.
  7. Taken 4hrs to go 3miles on local bus - stupid lorry driver decided to ignore pedestrian bridge height in main village
  8. Router arrived today - all set to go - hopefully ping will be a bit better
  9. The new system needs a few more weeks to be evaluated properly. ATM, it seems to be fine, no need for any changes as yet on hordes - and a definite NO to J,Gibbs hordes.
  10. Cool down timer would be good - I would say 30 secs - it's a bit OP when there's constant wave of non-stop Riot hordes. With the infected upgrade - (smoker definitely need one, but not the jockey) - will survivors get anything to counterbalance - such as SI could drop pipe-bombs instead of presents?
  11. An increase of points for Hazmats and others if we're going to have them permanently, especially with the Jimmy Gibbs as they can only be killed with a melee (I believe).
  12. MPG1770


    Or how about a timer alert : "you must wait 30 secs before you can buy this" ?
  13. MPG1770


    If Hordes are going to be added and I surely hope not (it's fine as it is - not that difficult to ascertain when you can buy), survivors should be given something to counteract such as SI should drop more presents or even pipe bombs instead, idk - but no to Jimmy Gibbs and other special hordes. Better still as JC says, remove them from the !buy menu altogether
  14. living in the back of beyond countryside where telephone/internet is incredibly crappy - I'm getting Fibre Optics upgrade and a new router in 10 days - no more 1MB dl / 0.34MB upld - can't wait.
  15. Hurling accusations without just cause is not going to fix this problem, what you described has happened to most of us here. "connection failed after 10 tries" usually happens when servers are down (got to wait for server to fix itself or have a BM re-boot - but if a steam update needs to be patched in, that can take sometime). Have had this problem many times. This happens usually after the '10 tries' fail message and you rejoin - sometimes that window still runs in background, hence this problem. The fix is to shutdown Steam entirely, clear history, cache etc, wait a few minutes before starting Steam first, then run the game.
  16. Wanna see your birth certificate Peanut lol - Hope you a great one Merc - probably better than the 10 quid (pounds to you - about $12) and pair of bloody stupid socks I got
  17. I have reduced your ban to 1 week - you have 2 other bans on record -3rd ban is always perma - regardless of what you typed, I have screen shots of you swearing - you know this is not allowed - it will be up to a a Board Member if they want to over-rule this decision - until then, you will have to be pleased that you are not perma-banned - just be careful in future.
  18. Members also be warned : being rude only encourages new people to be rude - please stop or there will be consequences - your choice.
  19. increase tanks to 60pts with a 35pt heal. Too easy to buy.
  20. Save yourself a headache Jackie, increase tanks to 60pts with a 35pt heal.
  21. The recent atrocity in Manchester has left an uncalculable devastation on British psyche - the sadness is turning to hate, not at the person or supposedly religion - but a hate towards this capitalist regime - we - both sides of this pond have just sold £100/200 Billion weapons to Saudi Arabia for cheap oil - this is crazy - is this not war mongering?

    1. Johnny



    2. PeanutButterNJelly


      Weapons are not the cause. Islamic extremist terrorists prove that, as they use bombs, or drive cars in to crowds, etc. If people want to kill, they will. It is good to have Islamic countries as allies in this fight.

    3. DiXie


      There should be a /slay option for the bad people.

  22. Britain is a small island consisting of 3 countries - we don't speak British

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    2. MPG1770


      ydych chi'n siarad Saesneg?


    3. looneypumpkin


      I still say it's Scottish/Gaelic, lol

    4. MPG1770


      Don't say that to a Scot - they'd give you a Glasgow Kiss

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