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  1. So I could not have planned this better to not play L4d2 for one month! So I guess it will be up around end of July? Why is it taking so long to fix a server?
  2. I am so annoyed with the hipocrites, I am taking a 30 day break. Not that anyone will miss me, but the last game with admins and people arguing really annoyed me.
  3. I see now why the server has been soo dead. Why are we pushing good players like Paro away? 99.9% of the time, he follows the rules. So he changes it up and the ban is instant? WOW! All this is doing is pushing players away.
  4. Other times, when this has happened. We have seen Admins teleport people etc. I personally did not see anyone complaining. I admit that the chat area is something I don't always look and was not looking at that yesterday for sure, because I was doing two things at the same time. All I know is, when I have been on the other side of that, I don't complain and try to enjoy it. Heck, I death charged an admin 4 times in 1 round a couple of days ago. It was epic. Also, judging us when not on the team does not make sense. In all honesty, I wanted the round to end, but said nothing. Others were just following and others were leading. But to ban regulars shows there is no respect for members. Its my opinion. I don't hate anyone about it, but that clearly showed last night. We are just a source of funds to run the server that's it.
  5. Tsunami, as a person who has a bind to slap me, are on my friends list, and talk to me all the time, I was shocked. You could have PM'd me and said the ban is coming if your team does not move. I find what you did un-sensible . You also know I was quiet. My voice is too NYC to miss. Honestly, I did not want to stay in the saferoom, I wanted the round to end, but I stayed with my team and kept quiet. That should have been the clue I was really not part of this. I am loud and vocal. Now I wait for a banned to be removed so I can play tonight
  6. Avengers, I don't like you. You were not on my team. Don't talk to me or comment here. I will make sure I will burn you when I can at every chance. You are an instigator and everyone knows it.
  7. Nice explanation. Better than I could have wrote. You forgot to mention how the enemy team was taunting us, even before that.
  8. Avengers, When I joined the loosing team, You started by saying Turbo is going to Rage. It is in the chat logs. If anyone is a problem it is you, and you were muted. Don't be a hypocrite. With that said, I would Like Avengers banned as he shows a complete lack of respect to members. I just ignored him.
  9. You may not know me, but all the admins who play L4d2 do. I will fix the screen name issue if it is an issue. Can you unban though after seeing the two comments?
  10. This is ridiculous. I so setup for playing tonight. This is complete BS. Now I gotta stare at my computer with nothing to do.
  11. I was banned for griefing. I don't know why Tsunami Singled me out, but I had my mouth shut and 10 members on the server can vouch for that. I said nothing and just played on the server like the rest of the players. Issue was we stayed in the saferoom.I would like to be unbanned since this is not fair and almost every member knows me and knows this is a stupid ban
  12. Hi Admins, Goku is usually not a bad player and follows the rules. I don't think he knew about acronyms. Either way, can we give him a second chance? I will vouch for him.
  13. how do you calculate your dps buffed? Mine is 130K unbiffed and I can do ML 6.
  14. When admins are not around, a lot of players break the rules. When admins are around. Admins break the rules. Pretty simple. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Just playing around.
  15. Rum went back to work on the sequel to his first album
  16. Oh sorry. I only play left 4 dead. And I have seen people using new screen names.
  17. http://spotmebro.com...-to-say-jacked/ You cannot use any other screen names. They belong to me. You will need written permission by Turbo to have any of these in use. Thanks. Carry on. [NSFW WARNING]
  18. Did anyone else get a weird PM from Surlok about Sky?
  19. Yeah, I say I am going to come back, and I forget I am still on. My kids start crying so i run.
  20. Here some Ideas. Witch Bride with instant kill for 50 pts Limit the amount of fireworks one team can buy per round. Limit the amount of health packs one team can buy per round. Oh and ... -50 for general at round start
  21. Well I knew we would get a real epiphany sooner or later, grats Turbo! Fenix, are you OK? I played with you a couple of days ago and you only played the back. You did not play it good, but you did play the back.
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