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  1. Go to Video Options / Advance / and turn off multi core rendering.
  2. Yortz, It so hard to play and be Admin. I tell you. I been such a worse player now (Cant play as good). Last night, people were swearing, bot spamming, rushing and thats just the regulars. Just kidding. It was new people, but I gave out warnings and kicked a few. Keeps the server clean oh my. My hands were full. I know the server is a better place now. We need you back to be part of that.
  3. I am under a probationary period / Training. So even though I may have the permission, I don't know how to do stuff smoothly yet. My mentors are helping train me. Hey Yuri.
  4. I actually like the glitch. It makes the round very random.
  5. You can blame the new guy. Me.
  6. Ouch. For ever and ever to be reminded. LOL
  7. Like I said, the voting thing has pretty much never been an issue. Maybe once or twice lately when I was not on, or left before a finale, but the voting thing is fine.
  8. Leone, First, I am glad you posted. Miss ya man. Where ya been?? Now.... I think Jackie or Sans has put a stop to that. I know what you are talking about, probably the same reason I was denied my application because those admins dont like me because I dont conform to their agenda and got into fights with them. Heck, I been banned before!! Certain admins were abusive and are no longer around becuase they dont like the game anymore or have been told to stop by the Jackie or Sans, because now the server Admins are rather nicer. I think the server has a breath of fresh air now. But who listens to Turbo anyway. He is just a thug from NYC.
  9. The server is actually great. I have been not banned for some time now. I actually like the new group of admins as a whole and the gameplay is pretty good with some epic rounds lately. I think some people lost interest for what every reaon, but we have some pretty good players now like Cloney, Joker, Jimn, etc. It would have been really nice if a few of the older guys stayed, but they did not which I can see the nostalgia. But I have tried to make session and others come back and I dont think they will. Oh well. The server is much better today than 2 years ago. Serious. Also, it seems the Admins have a new policy and are very lenient. To me, thats very good. I like it. -Gary A
  10. I played last night to the end. We were loosing but won. But if everyone needs to know. I have a 4 and 3 year old and Its harder and herder to play 45 min straight.
  11. Im still playing. I have a nice wizard. about 400K Damage.
  12. I think we should leave the hunter the way it is. I dont know why I asked. Carry on.
  13. Sk, planning on coming back? Your skill set is missed He was banned once for it, cause a poop storm. Since no one complained about it, and everyone liked it. He then was back for a little longer, then quit.
  14. Yes Peanut, some Admins are more lenient than others, If thats how you want to put it. But stricter admins do not make the server a better place. I personally do not like strict admins as they seem to be hypocrites to their close friends. But those strict admins seem to never play anymore or not as much and the server has been calmer. The new crew of Admins is very good alond with some of the older ones as the mix is very balanced. As a matter of fact, I find Jackie who runs the show and should be the most strict very lenient, hence why he is a great Admin. I probaly would not have stayed if Jackie was a poopie head. Yes, Zero, you are a Great Admin too.
  15. This has never been an issue. Usually, when the game is winnable by a team that is loosing, it has been never been voteskipped. Seriously, Been playing 2+ years and never seen that. And everyone knows how vocal I am.
  16. Eventhough I did not like him too much, I miss playing with him! Also a list of names we no longer play with. Very sad Jykri Session Chief Corben Paroxy Times Matt Kemp Lady Yuri
  17. I know choochoo when I was an admin on another server. Very interesting and small world. I dont recommend choochoo though. Sorry. I think the current admins are enough. We got three, so thats pretty good. And the ones we got are all very good and fair and more importanly... around!! Which was my gripe. Now to get back about a half dozen regulars that no longer play here. Thats the challenge. Tanky, By the way, this is Anubis. If you remember.
  18. I agree 100% with your comments chic. What happens is..... New people join, and some are good like Cloney, Jim etc and a few others. People who dont listen over and over seem to do it on purpose like last night when I was playing and told Maestro about our new guys. I am usually nice to new people, especially if they respond and listen. People who rush and no matter what you say, ignore you... well thats super annoying. Maybe they dont have sound. Maybe they dont speak english. Then the server is not for them then and a lot of people would agree. I mean last night, Maestro sounded like a broken record .. over and over. dont rush. dont spam bot talk. Help your team. over and over. .
  19. I own an old PS3 with just a controller and a New Wii U. I want to buy a game for my 3 and 4 year old with dacing, but I was wondering what would be the best game for them in terms of ease of use. I dont want them holding controllers ets, so I think the WIi U wont work. So do I buy and XBOX kinect? Or a PS3 with move? Thanks
  20. This is what I am talking about. And yes, lately we have even more hunters playing that class, because its an easy 8-12 pts. Pounce 3 times and get a reward and its tank time. I dont expect anythign to happen anyway. Crasx or Jackie dont seem to care about this thread Shall I tell you why? I think I will. The hunter requires little to no team coordination because they can be great starters of chaos. If a hunter flies in and hits a low survivor, regardless of it being a high damage pounce, he causes a stumble to all nearby survivors, allowing him to have a bit of time to damage and down that survivor. This is precisely what the other infected need, an opening. It allows the spitter to spit on and slow down the team even more than with just him being down. It allows the charger to run through and push them back even more than where the downed survivor is. It allows the smoker to pull backwards and separate the team even more. It allows the boomer to rush in and bring some common which is a bit more chaos. It allows the jockey to get in and bring a survivor to a certain spot, say a corner for some nice spit damage. It allows another hunter to pounce on a survivor that is picking up the down survivor and that resets the revive meter, or even hit the guy on the ground which still resets the meter. The hunter is a good tool for quick damage and possible slow downs. Take a look at some numbers for his damage: A hunter can deal up to 25 points of damage on impact. Along with this, the hunter simultaneously begins to attack his victim with 5 health per hit. Usually a hunter can get about 2 hits before he is pushed/killed. That is a 35 points of damage max on a survivor within just a few seconds, more than 1/3 of his health is gone. Now imagine if the survivor was slow, to be slow they have a maximum of 39 health which leaves a measly 3 hits after a 25 to down him. Usually a person who is slow will have less than this and the hunter can get the down with just 1 or 2 hits. And for a character getting up black and white, he only has 30 health, which leaves a measly 1 hit from the hunter to cause a kill IF you land a 25. My point is this: Someone has to start the chaos. The hunter is a perfect candidate for this. His direction of attack is surprising, his initial damage is punishing, and his after effects can cause a lot of commotion if used correctly. Someone HAS to go in first to start the chaos, and he can dish out a big amount of chaos in a few moments. But just as soon as hes in, hes out and dead. But the effects left behind are perfect for team attacks. And the charger will still make less pts than the hunter did. This is my pt.
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