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  1. I'm not in the steam group can someone send me an invite?
  2. Running is tiring....

  3. What skill level is this? cus i'm still not that good, but i have played. Also i'm not sure what the servers and stuff are can someone help?
  4. Im sorry its longer than 5 seconds, my attention span isn't long enough, though i'm sure its great.
  5. Ah sleep, you allude me again.

    1. MPG1770


      Aye, there's the rub

    2. Madvillain


      [Like This]


      LoL Maestro

  6. As you may know I can't spell but don't worry i got Owl to spell for me so; Hipy Papy Bthuthduth Thuthda Bithuthdy. (If you dont get it or didnt have a childhood i give you this, http://www.acc.umu.se/~coppelia/pooh/stories/ch6.html)
  7. ahhh spring, actually being nice out and not snowing, for that we thank you.

  8. What's the server address for the dm and private servers? and will there be another one of these coming up? even for people of mediocre skill level.
  9. Just a question, if someone is obviously breaking the rules and the longer they do so it hurts the team more should they be vote kicked or is it still best to check if an admins on and tell them.
  10. maybe add a number on the end of "me" so its easier to send points because generally 3 letters are required to send points.
  11. You planing on getting others? or sticking with the one? Great work by the way.
  12. why not use the same code as the gifts from the 2012 achievement, that would also fix people from auto getting them since i believe they popped out from the infected instead of dropping, i may be wrong about hat last part though. Hopefully that is available to the public.
  13. FINALLY! I have a working microphone!

    1. Madvillain


      I hope you dictated this status update in with your new mic.

  14. Finally got me a 5.1 sound-card to go with my new headset, so ill be speaking form time to time now :)

  15. Its mah birthday!!

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    2. Madvillain


      Happy Birthday!

    3. MPG1770


      Birthday's, the only time to have your cake and eat it, enjoy

    4. mavC


      Happy Birthday hatter.


  16. I like the idea of changing people with bot names to something, maby not poopy face though. Also i agree that the !votekick shold be modified somehow to be more specific or something.
  17. Got a turtle beach headset today, my parents are awesome(it was ordered online so it should come soon)

    1. Madvillain


      Congrats, you will be able to serenade Lookback when he gets back.

    2. lousiest
    3. Madvillain


      Pics or it didn't happen!

  18. Its almost mah birthday!(hoping to get a mic so you all can here my lovely voice!) dundundun...

  19. Its almost valentines day! another day alone with zombies on gc

  20. Hes that horrible admin that listens to people, I mean seriously actually listening to people! don't you know people are crazy.
  21. and just in time for Valentines day
  22. I dont know what happened to the text there it just went a bit funny and off to the side, sry to anyone who will spas at that i just cant be asked to straighten it.
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