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  1. Let the chargers push the cars for like 1-2 feet. I know there is a plugin for that. Kappa
  2. ^ Why? They are weak already.
  3. What about spitter invulnerability for like 1-2 seconds after spit.
  4. ^ You are missing something. Boomer explode damage. .
  5. I think sometimes it's pretty much balanced.
  6. He used his admin powers to slaughter me. What are you waiting for? Slaughter him! Make it halal please.
  7. ^ Lose a round? I beg to differ.
  8. I hope new players will join when we play realism. To add extra challenge.
  9. No that was dixie, she came close to dying like 16 times, and that was just at the safe room! I'm not surprised at all.
  10. So what happened? Don't tell me peanut got rekt, again.
  11. Give me admin for a night and I could start some fun maps I've made myself :3. I once tried to make some but gave up half way through and the result is a really glitchy map heavily for the infected team. Can someone give this guy an admin for a night.
  12. Oh hey look at that. Silenced smg is cheaper than ammo. Nobody told me about this. Lololol
  13. I only have one bind. And its the !buy command on the letter "L".
  14. You don't always have to rocket boom.
  15. ^ Dude, finalizing the details takes more than a month. You came too soon.
  16. ^ We cant even do custom mutations which was suggested few months ago, and now this. Yea. Good luck.
  17. The name itself is funtertaining. +1 for this server.
  18. What if nipples were censored or not found, only bewbs.
  19. If Peanut was permanently banned, how come I saw him playing today... Ban Evasion!!! IP ban pls.
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