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  1. Games are still unbalanced, you still have good players getting points fast and tanking up.games will be unbalanced most of the time because u have players who tend to walk with their heads down and refuse to look up,most of them are regulars.
  2. @Jackie would this even be possible?
  3. rookie101


    Why do certain people keep saying to stop playing hunter and learn how to play the game? Hunter got nerfed but there are people like myself who love playing the hunter,in my opinion...people that are good at hunters are usually pretty good at the game.yes there are times for spits and chargers and boomers and everything but plz stop telling people to stop playing hunter just cause u don't like um. He got nerfed and I actually don't mind it now.thank you!
  4. I think u have 15 seconds to run as far as you can before tanks spawn,ounce they spawn they start chasing u.it's fun
  5. Yes it would! If it does happen,I think it should stay vanilla,no buy menu.
  6. Would be awesome!! Would be hectic but fun.
  7. Would the tank mutation be possible in a 10 vs 10 game? I think it would be something extremely fun to play.
  8. Just opinions,nothing wrong with that.
  9. Its just people hating on the hunter that's all, if people would be more aware and look up,or even hitting the hunter ounce while its climbing,there would not be so many pounces.some people say that hunters only pounce new people and bots but that is so wrong,most people that get pounced are regulars that fail to look up.
  10. I think it means that it will be bumped up just a little. But 12.5 is gone for ever.
  11. Like peanut said,we don't need 12.5,even at 9 points per high pounce it will take atleast 4 high pounces to even get close to a tank.
  12. 12.5 was a problem but 7.1 is not the solution.
  13. Please don't let the hunter points stay that low, 8.5 to 9 should be good. Hunters have become a non factor,almost everyone has migrated to the boomer.
  14. People make it seem like high pouncing is the easiest thing in the world,if people would be aware of hunters there would not be a problem.just because certain people can't pounce they have a problem with it.the thing is that good players will use boomer to rack up points fast and tank up really fast. I agree that 12.5 was a bit much but 7 is too low,there's always a happy medium.
  15. I only share points if someone types it out and asks, if u verbally ask,u won't get any points from me.
  16. Innocent until proven guilty that's the way it should be,he got banned without proving his guilt. Banning for skill?? Come on now.
  17. You are 100% correct veee.I've seen a lot of regular players just stay down and not ask for points but when they do ask is always over the mic,people don't have time to be searching for anyone's names to give points to,I personally have my !sp binded,all people have to do is type it out and you'll receive it within seconds.
  18. Thanks guys! Am loving being a part of gc! Looking forward to many GG with u guys.
  19. rookie101


    What is the best way to get lots of points on survivors and infected? Stategies?
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