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  1. Hey guys. Sorry for the long absence. Just came by to let you all know that my youtube channel for gaming has content finally. If you could all check it out soon, that'd be great! And i'll be in the servers later as well! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZSCMWhpYwO_M0fl29sazqQ

  2. for those (if any) wondering why I haven't been playing, it's because my laptop isn't working at the moment. the drivers just randomly crapped themselves, so I have it in for repairs. I should be getting it back by the end of the week

    1. Biggs


      My drivers never drink and drive

  3. I am so low on a budget it isn't even funny. Being a college student is tough. I can't even find a job because they're all taken, AND I gotta focus on my schoolwork. However, at the very least, I want to start building one slowly. What do you guys recommend I get first, and move up from there? I think if i slowly work on it, i could get it. I'm set on a mouse, keyboard, and an adapter for a monitor or 2, but I want to know what i should start off by getting from there
  4. Was thinking of having a 4v4 game tomorrow, and was hoping it would be for fun. Haven't played it in a while, so I want to try it out again with other members. Anyone up for it?
  5. currently streaming on twitch! the link is http://www.twitch.tv/adogx123/dashboard this is my first ever stream, so bear with me at how bad it is

  6. I had front row seats for that whole damn thing. Never thought a game of versus could last so long, more so a 10v10 lasting so long.
  7. Looking for someone to design a profile picture and banner! As some already know, I will be starting a gaming channel. I have the channel and a facebook page for it all made. I'm just looking for someone who'd be willing to design the picture and banner for me (it will be used for both the channel and FB page). Please contact me if you want to (yes i plan on promoting GC, so maybe you could sneak the GC symbol somewhere)

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    2. ADogX


      pretty much nothing. i have enough to buy an elgato and that's it

    3. Biggs


      I'll meet you halfway and settle for a bologna sandwich.

    4. ADogX


      *makes you 2 instead*


      is this enough to gain your help? :)

  8. so i made a twitch account today. and i was thinking about streaming gameplay on the server. but i have a laptop. would it work?

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    2. BlackYoshi


      If you are looking to get a bit serious you can build your own separate streaming laptop. I used to stream quite a bit on my desktop but I have a pretty good build so it managed. Laptop I can't really see it being really good quality though.

    3. Johnny


      Yup. Laptop gaming.... bleh. If you can afford it, lots of holiday sales coming up. Build your own system.

    4. ADogX


      you guys have no idea how much i'd love to build my own gaming laptop or gaming pc. but being a freshman in college kinda helps prevent those things. and knowing my family they dont want to spend hundreds of dollars on a pc or laptop simply meant for gaming

  9. Hard Rain - 5 locations COMPLETED Glad i got that one. I think it's the most difficult one x.x
  10. Again, I understand the whole issue very well, but i am horrible at explaining things. maybe this article? it talks about GG a little, but it doesn't primarily focus on it. http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/09/22/They-re-on-to-us-gaming-journalists-respond-to-their-critics-in-series-of-new-GameJournoPros-emails But i strongly advise you to watch EventStatus (AKA MainEventTV)'s videos on gamergate. I promise you that you'll be much more well informed about the situation
  11. uh. thats one of the most racist thing I've ever heard I'm not the one saying it. the guy is the one saying it. And if you think i meant that when i said "we're as bad as cold blooded killers," im assuming you thought i meant minorities are those kind of people. I agree i wasn't clear enough. what i meant was that he thinks GGers are as bad as cold blooded killers IN GENERAL. i didn't mean to make it sound like i was talking about minorities
  12. http://i.imgur.com/vTNgUDR.png ^ complains about his song playing call of duty and killing himself. Why would he let his son play call of duty, and why allow him to have access to a gun (how it was acquired is unknown). Still blames gamergate and video games. http://i.imgur.com/zt56jdP.png ^ Calling us gamers as bad as ISIS http://i.imgur.com/aaZIlNK.png ^ Says women and minorities are stupid for being apart of GG http://i.imgur.com/E6ZqOKt.png http://i.imgur.com/35eexOI.png ^ Says cops should stop targeting minorities and go against GamerGate. So we're as bad as cold blooded killers? http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2014/10/09/the_gender_games_sex_lies_and_videogames_124244.html#.VDbWmQ7vAYQ.twitter http://gamergateharassment.tumblr.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCuvab-q0ik&feature=youtu.be http://i.imgur.com/oXkZuY2.png ^ Abuse? what? http://i.imgur.com/hHrlpz9.jpg ^ Sexism much? That's just a few of the many examples.
  13. What does that even mean? Give me an example. Shaftiel Give me some time to find some of the articles i looked at. I'll get back to you in a feew I'll admit, the sexism has increased due to GamerGate-vs-Journalism started, at least from what I have seen. But like I said above, give me some time to find some of the articles to show my point
  14. EventStatus (the video) made it clear. The "GamerGaters" who are threatening people and such, are irrelevant. From how I see it, they're using GG to get attention drawn to themselves. Don't let those idiots give a bad name to the rest of the GG community. I believe that journalism in gaming needs to be fixed. I have no problem with girls in gaming. I want girls to play games because that means more people to have fun playing games with. But because of those idiots who threaten others, am i as bad as them? No. Yes, both sides are at fault here. But GG isn't the worst side, considering all we've seen. I will say this though...we as GG DO need to make a threat to journalists. But NOT their lives or anything. Threaten to cause them to lose their jobs. If they're going to lie and disrespect gamers, they don't deserve to have their job. But that's what I believe I know what you said, but it's interpreted as to how i put it. I mean, I watched it all the way through. So obviously, somebodies got time for that
  15. So basically you're saying "I'm going to argue my point and stand by it, and believe wikipedia, but you're offering a video with many potential facts but i don't want to watch it because I don't want to be proven wrong."
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