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  1. It doesnt matter whether the bible can be proven historically( since it can and has been) or whether the God in it exists(which He does). What matters is how you treat the information inside. If you treat it purely historical, you will find that it is backed up 100%, even if you count the small numbers of what we call historical documents( we take julius cesear at his word about the galic wars....no one else even mentions them. ever). If you treat it purely with faith, then you will find that faith releases you from needing those physical proofs in the first place. It is freedom the Bible talks about. Find it. Logic is not an end to itself. It is a means to an end. But life and love are everlasting, through God. There is no end with Him.
  2. study away! bring the questions back. But dont expect imperfect humans to have perfect answers. We'll do our best. God willing, you'll have the answers you need to see the truth, which is the word of God(its in the BIBLE!)
  3. im back to cs now after a years hiatus(sp?) with bf42. been playing since i was 18 and now im turning 21. Sad, but I too have to work around life to play cs these days....Starbucks wants my soul....
  4. jane

    How Old Are You?

    i turn 21 on july 9th, finally!
  5. also, we are forgetting the potter and his clay. Who are we to judge what God has made? It is His design and right since He has made it. Can't He make things the way He wants? Does the pot say to the potter "why have you made me thus"? No, it is made and is purposed as the potter designed. see Jeremiah 18-19; romans 9-11 not to only side with calvanism, but I want you not to miss God's justice in this mindset. He is God. Who can compare? Who has the ability, let alone the right to challenge His ways? He is the Beginning and the End. Who is like Him? We have so little understanding of His power, love and grace. see romans 11:33-36
  6. all i want is on the halflife cds and the windows cds. everything else can go, as far as im concerned... it not like i can copy anyhting anyways....i dont have cdwriter or floppy even(yeah i got a nice fast machine, with no backup ability. smart, i know) so ill get back to you when its all over!
  7. Help me please! My registry has been screwed up somehow. I dont know why, or when, but I cant dl and new Windows updates, or directx updates( 9.0c to run bf2 demo) or do anyhting like even install Half-Life.... Im confused. I have tryed everything my other comp guys can suggest and havent got anything yet. I have my original Windows disks. Should I load them up and try wiping my hd? If I do this, will I need more than those Windows cds to start over? Sorry guys. I'm such a nub, always coming in here and asking dumb questions. But i need help. Wanna play cs, but I cant!
  8. yep, its wireless, but im hooked in by a ethernetcord.....
  9. whenis the wedding? i knew you were gonna do it, but when?
  10. i tried upgradeing the other day and the darn thing basically hacked my local connections with its firewalls, so that even when off they had "limited or no conectivity". i reverted to the older setting and now works fine. anyhting that is wrong with this? I didnt even do anything special in the dl, just let it do its thing....was very frustrated at windows for the first time a long time.....
  11. istn it time to change the color of that sig dweez?
  12. my vote goes for two 9700pros, somehow linked in wonderous ddr fashion and functioning better than that stuff. btw, you can wait. hl2 was supposed to come out two years ago....its still not out. im not holding my breath anymore since they had to use the jumper cable three times(this being after my dog licked my face a few times and brought me back to life with her excruciating bad breath).
  13. can we really justify paying 100 for a freakin mouse? even if we're gonna quote austin powers, we should have more sense than to spend that much on a mouse....right? ack! send me a hundred and ill start saving towards my new mobo! edit i take it back, having just read the article. wow. that is one sexy mouse. still dont think 100 bucks is worth it, but , that is ONE SEXY MOUSE!
  14. ah the dreams of having an all firewire computer are smashed. darn it! no ideas here bud. um. try converting to a mac....they use lots of firewire. did you check any mac specific sites? they might have some....but then again, i dont know any mac specific sites either. sorry bud.
  15. yep i failed two straight semesters because of you all. then i got real, quit cs and decided to get back into life. nonetheless, i think it could be done as long as you employ discipline!
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