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  1. I'd be in, talk about irony that I just happened to check in so soon after you posted. Hm.. need to check if I have go installed still Been playing lots of SW Squadrons
  2. <walks to shed in back yard> <opens door> <turns on light> <unlocks large chest> <grins at the M4 inside> It's about Time.
  3. I'm hearing rumors there could be an IceBerge sighting...
  4. I made some more tweaks to my SkyWalk Shotguns map including a clearer glass texture and some adjustments for above the skywalks. Feel free to download it, hopefully we can play it in an upcoming mapnight. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=359967534 fy_skywalk_shotguns_beta3.zip
  5. New an improved version of the SkyWalk_ShotGuns map Changes: + Fixed windows to be easier to see through + Taser added to for pickup in middle cross over, better get there fast! + Extra bonuses in special locations + settings file included for freezetime 0 and all talk (not 100% sure if this works or not) + Team skins set for the map now Here are some sneak previews and the link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=346035530 fy_skywalk_shotguns_beta2.zip
  6. Also please vote it to be added to CS Go so it can be downloaded
  7. Check out a new version of my fy_SkyWalk map, this time it is with shotguns. I also removed the weather effects for performance. You can find it here on the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=342309941 So seems Valve really messed with the workshop and maps cannot be downloaded immediately... So I'm attaching the file fy_skywalk_shotguns_beta1.zip
  8. Good point Turnbull on the freezetime setting , I was thinking about that but forgot to mention it. No plans for any additional changes between now and mapnight. I'll be busy during the day anyways so won't have time to. Can't wait to see how this version does.
  9. A new version of my 2nd map with some updates from the first night of testing. I've removed the stairwells and everyone will spawn directly on the skywalks. Also added a lower level to connect both sides but cross at your own risk! You can download it from the workshop or here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=324528482 fy_skywalk_beta2.zip
  10. Time for another new map, this one with some HDR support. I decided to go for a fy map inspired by a couple of Turnbullterror's creations. You can find it here on the workshop or download it directly here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=322450025 fy_skywalk_beta1.zip hopefully we can check it out tonight at mapnight
  11. For new maps might need a couple more rounds, maybe 8 wins max vs 5. Seems like brand new maps if a team wins 4 rounds the other team doesn't have any chance to learn how to counter them. Another option might be to just play new maps again later sometime... The shorter cycle does mean getting to play more maps which is fun.
  12. Hey, I just finished making a new version of my map for tonight. Mostly focused on trying to balance the map since Ts had too much advantage on the last version. I also fixed some graphical issues in T Spawn. de_processing_station_rc4.zip
  13. Sorry, no screen shots for this one, didn't have a chance to take any. You'll just have to wait until we can load it up for mapnight.
  14. Time for a new release of my map. I've expanded the options for Ts for attacking, including a new route and some options for falling back and drawing CTs in. Some of the doors that were locked are now open and lead to new areas! Some changes to another route for Ts dealing with vents. Updated the radar minimap Also I tweaked the positioning of some boxes in site A. Other tweaks I can't wait to try this out on the server. Could someone upload this for tonight's mapnight? de_processing_station_rc3.7z
  15. lol really? Dude, I close and end all background programs and applications to get the most performance of my system and Internet, and yet I'm getting fps drop, spike lag, and people complaining about me warping around. Regardless that I have the best Internet Comcast can offer (premium business grade). And my PC can run most recent games on ultra settings. Also I live 5 miles away from NFO server. So I only can blame VALVe. My PC is 5 years old, except the video card which I replaced early this year with the previous gens model (my mobo isn't PCIE 3.0) and it runs smooth for me. Maybe a routing issue or something perhaps, or maybe crapcast is having a poor connection for you. I can only guess.
  16. Interestingly I found if I'm getting bad FPS if I close firefox that CSGO performance gets significantly better. I'm not sure if it has something to do with FireFox itself or maybe flash but I was lagging badly on several maps and confirmed that closing FireFox will smooth things out significantly.
  17. OK, sorry, lets use this one. This has all the files combined to make sure they download OK. de_processing_station_rc2 BSPzipped.zip
  18. Here is the new version, RC2 ready for testing. Got a few additions and fixed but bugs with the 1st version. Ignore this one, use the one below that says bspzipped in the filename
  19. The quick speed was one of my design goals with the map, I wanted to keep it somewhat small and fast feeling so you had time if you were at the wrong site. I'll have to think about the doors, maybe put something across them to block the ones that are just for show or something. I'll have to tweak the speed of the working doors though, as Lunk mentioned they felt too slow when you're rushing through them.
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