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  1. LOL...I loved Data when he was laughing about the "lasers".
  2. Congrats!!! Sounds like things worked out as you hoped...I'm glad.
  3. One thing that stuck out to me about the other place (only looked at the first) was the parking. I think your place looks nicer overall. Also, back yard of yours nice? That was one of their pics. As far as the pre-pics...I'm not sure...I guess I'd have to say it would be nice to have if someone asked but if not then they don't need to know what it used to look like. That might give them the thought that you bought it cheap and try to bid lower...but then again...I'm not a realtor, I don't even play one on TV. Seems your right in the sweet spot on price though.
  4. Wow...real nice job. Wife said the living room was beautiful.
  5. I'm no expert at selling houses...I went right to a dealer. Total it was 6%. 3 for the selling agent and 3 for the buyers agent. My understanding at the time was that it was 6% regardless and it was split between the 2...probably in some realator common law thing. Anyway...you may want to make sure that 2.5% is all there is and you won't be nailed for another 2.5% from the other side.
  6. is something you can say about anything...but then you would never learn. I think it's great you had that experience. From your past posts I know it was a ton of work. I do hope you get your money back out of it. A little equity and the boost to your credit can only be a positive. The way banks are tightening up you may have made the smartest move of your life in that regard. I like all the changes mentioned above as well as the increase in sunlight you had installed
  7. Gond

    Best Dunk Ever

    Looked like 3 steps to me;) Course I couldn't run all the way down the court so I'm impressed. Same here dragon.
  8. LOL...2,000 - 3,000 home computer owners in the bay area...how many additional 0's are on those numbers now?
  9. Set up to tivo today...Glad it came back...I had given up.
  10. Oh good...I can borrow that movie from ya now:) Pretty sweet that you can watch movies on the BB...make sure you charge it up before you go.
  11. You live in Lebanon? Damn...we should hook up sometime...LOL Funny thing is I sometimes think I saw Batty more when he lived on the other side of Cincinnati. We used to make an effort to get out to lunch every once in a while. Now we live close and it's just no big deal to see him...just another Lebanonite...LOL Actually, now his new job is going to be a few miles from where I work so lunches can again resume:)
  12. Darn it ZD...now you got me started...there goes the day:) Best Talking Heads song...video is ok. http://www.mtvmusic.com/video/?id=54247 Tom Petty...always liked this one http://www.mtvmusic.com/video/?id=106670
  13. Now find Tom Petty's You got lucky video:) and yea...talking heads rock!!!
  14. I'm old...loved that video when it came out on MTV back in the day:)
  15. Ok, that is certainly up there in my favorate internet things. Best part is at first, knowing Fatty and you crazy .gc people, I thought it was real...I think it was about the time I saw the sign on the bus I gave up...yes, I even considered the possibility that the billboard was real...LOL Great find...I'll have lots of fun with that one:)
  16. Gond

    Vegas Vacation

    Haven't been to vegas in quite a while but when I went we did some day trips up and down the strip. You should take the walk & see the different casino's, very cool stuff. Since I'm not a huge gambler we did some slots but actually paid for our drinks instead of losing money to get them for free. At the time a beer was like a buck and mixed drinks were silly cheap. And remember...Free != Free cause you still have to tip for things.
  17. Make sure you make the results public here...now I'm curious:)
  18. You guys don't have infravision?
  19. Gond

    Es Jay!

    Thats the brainiac that will most likely take my job next year? Course I can't even ride no handed...let alone laying back with my feet up...that is nuts. Can't spel either
  20. Gond

    happy friday

    I read these posts
  21. Gond

    ...and again

    That sucks...but very interesting. The fact that your car was hit 2 times makes one wonder if it could be the same person/people. They always say a thief will strike multiple times cause they know the insurance will replace exactly what they stole. If that were true it seems maybe it was someone who knew you had the detector and where you live. Maybe someone who "thinks she heard a noise" yet conveniently didn't check it out? Yes, I believe what we have here is the answer "The Aunt, in the Driveway, with the lead pipe". Elementary my dear YoMamma. oh, and I'd vote for the motion sensor light. Used to have a spotlight on my garage (was easy to replace) that was motion sensor. Since it was a replacement the wiring was easy & it only cost like 30 bucks. Now I leave my lights on but have CFL's out there to save cost.
  22. Bilbo...Bilbo...Bilbo...yes, related to Raven or some such eh?
  23. Gond

    Bank of America

    Yea, I got burned twice in the same instance by my bank...first because they do withdrawl before deposit so I overdrafted...then because when I signed up they said the "overdraft protection was free"...then the commercial kicked in..."unless you use it". So, I took my lumps & cancelled the overdraft...stupid thing is that had I not had overdraft they would have simply retried to send the check the next day and it would have gone... Does not appear to be what happened in your case...they just burned you plain & simple.
  24. Ok, need to test out that sound setting cause the stupid crowd clapping off beat (morons need a video game to learn to clap) messes me up every time. I did make it up to the battle with Joe, though the jerk keeps death draining me...I kick his rear the whole way through & then lose it...gotta store up those powerups better eh? Anyway...did it on medium so far and pretty much stayed in the 98+% with 2 songs at 100%. I just wanted to unlock it all before I attempt much on hard. I've done a few co-op songs on hard & some battles...but on the easy songs. All in all I like it but I would have liked more Aerosmith songs that what I've seen thus far. Might be more but I'm assuming this battle is the end.
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