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  1. Our two-year-old daughter decided to give the cat a kiss today. Right smack on the sphincter! She even lifted the tail. There is obviously room for improvement. So my wife said "kinda hard to pull out the clorox wipes for that!".
  2. I'm looking at attending as well (the dates look good so far!). If nothing else, I am pretty sure that I could roll another poor defenseless golf cart (again).
  3. Dingy


    Thanks. Hopefully by then we will know how we are getting there. The last time we went through Narita (Tokyo), but since they are having problems I have no idea how we will be routed.
  4. Dingy


    Yep, still around. Unfortunately at work we get the "do more with less" - and I'm on the less side. Needless to say, been way too busy for way too long! And for those of you whom have received the bad news, keep looking - sometimes the best stuff comes at you from the most unexpected places! Anyway - I was planning on seeing those of you that I missed at FF last year (work sent me to a conference during that time). Vegas in July was OK, but rolling another golf cart would have been even more fun! (lols). But... We have been in the process of adopting child #2. The good news is that we have been placed. The bad news is that at the moment, travel looks like it will be in .....July, and it is a two week trip. When we get back I think I can honestly say that I have been to outer Mongolia. According to my wife the province we are adopting from (don't ask me to spell it) is quite close to Mongolia. If we do travel prior to July I'll try to see if I can set aside a few days for FF. My plan is to take the 6 weeks that I have saved but the downside is that it blows all vacation time that I have.
  5. Sorry I missed you all at FF. Granted, my conference in Vegas was a good time, but I would have much rather been rolling golf carts and seeing the other videoed goings-on! If I get tapped to attend the conference again next year it got moved - to July 10-14. Still in Vegas though.
  6. Been meaning to post, but really haven't had the chance (thanks for the Clue!). We have been absolutely nuts at work - we got so many balls in the air it is crazy. The joys of corporate IT at a hospital that has multiple construction projects going at once. I couldn't even tell you the last time I put in less that 50 hours a week - and the last couple of months have been close to 70/week. As it turns out, I won't be attending this year. I'd really love to roll a golf cart, but the powers that be decided that I get to go to a Cisco conference in Vegas - and I leave on the 27th. On top of that I'm studying for some certification exams, so time (and sleep) is extremely limited ATM. I'd rather be at FF instead of Vegas at the end of JUNE! If it's going to be that hot, I need to be on an island in the Carribean and have some fru-fru drinks nearby
  7. Thanks. Would have seen this sooner, but working way too much to even login. And yes, that included my bday which I was supposed to take off! I couldn't even have a few drinks! You know, I could go out a tip a golf cart for old times sake
  8. Which way did you come in?
  9. BTW - Since Duke was rather forgetful last year, I think he will need his medicine before we start. What is the word on Lobo? Is he showing up for golf? I just want to verify if I need to overload on the starchy foods before drinkingTee time....
  10. Dingy


    He's getting an early start on being drunk I guess
  11. OK, Jackie would be an acceptable target. Duct tape him to the hood B33r? Sok - Ren and I will have our special beverage and probablty not need too much b33r....
  12. Dingy


    I nominate The Duke!
  13. Ya know - I was just thinking... If lobo attends, it should be last man standing, not golf. * hic! *
  14. Could be. But remember - you make a good target!
  15. Uno? How about euchre? More fun when yer dunk. hic!
  16. Dingy


    Since when are you responsible? Heh..... Oooohhhh...Swenson's.
  17. But what about grunk dolfing. Er....drunk golfing?
  18. Hey! I'll be there! Payment coming your way (shortly)!
  19. OK, I *will* be attending. Thank god our project manager finally realized that you can't schedule your resources to start on proposed start days. Maybe he will learn something about building construction. I'll be able to bring Catalyst 3750s. How many do you want? Need and GBICs and fiber between them? Anything other than 1 vlan? And lastly - IP addresses? Thanks.....
  20. I did better than that. I told them that I was going golfing and that they couldn't reach me! In other words, sign me up!
  21. OK, I'll let you know. I *could* always show up with a 4507R The more I think about it, the more I'm getting ready and tell them too bad - I need a few sanity days! Alarge beverage shared amongst friends on the golf course would do that!
  22. Dingy

    Astro Empires

    Well, I found this one and have been playing it a bit. Pretty interesting. You may think it is old school because of the web interface but it is fun. Sorta like chess I guess. Anyway - if you want, check it out: Delta Galaxy of Astro Empires So you know - Delta is only one of 6 (7th coming soon) servers thay have running. It is browser only, and like they say, there are a bunch of folks online. See what you think....
  23. Sorry - haven't been on much - been a bit busy for far, far too long! I can get you whatever you need. However, it doesn't look like I will be able to attend. if I do, it will be last minute and I probably won't know for a couple of weeks (yeah, I know - it is getting close). As to type of switch - I can get you a 2948G or maybe a 3750 (10/100). As to getting it to you - I could ship it or even drive it down. Kinda wish I would have logged in earlier since I had to pass by you guys last weekend (we drove to Connecticut for my sister's wedding last weekend) because I could have dropped it off then. Oh well. Let me know. Thanks!
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