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  1. Man, I haven't been to Fragfest for like 7 years. That really would be awesome to reconnect with old friends. I remember the first time the voices behind team speak became faces, and it was well worth it. In the meantime, it's probably about time to look at building a new machine.
  2. It's been forever since I've even gotten online and gamed with you folks! Browsing around at all of the new members and really happy to see the community still thriving after all of these years.
  3. Greetings gamers, just wanted to stop by and say hello even though I haven't been around for close to a YEAR!
  4. I was just checking my Hotmail (which has been upgraded) and was clicking on folders. Now, when I send an email I rarely save drafts. But today I clicked on the drafts folder and there were 4. The one that caught my eye was dated 8/25/01. It was a draft of an email I was sending out to some friends to tell them I was joining =TM= For those of you that don't know, The Militia was one of the guilds that used to pub & compete with Mmmm back in the old days when DOH & Mmmm people were either Mmmm, BlackOps, or TM or a couple of others. Years before this awesome project GC has become. So over 6 years later, I've met a lot of you in person, become friends with a few, and benefitted greatly from your moral support and prayers as my mom passed away from cancer. Checking through my "drafts" folder reminded me of a few people to come and say hello to, as well as to begin the sentiments of thanks that come with Thanksgiving. Happy holidays & best wishes to you all.
  5. Is it deer sausage? When you said, "my sausage" I had memories of being a kid and putting dear through the mincer and making venison sausage. Mmmm home made sausage in queso!
  6. Chief

    Happy Halloween

    Our company is haveing a Halloween contest and the winner gets a day of paid time off. All 250+ of us from the 5 offices are broken up into teams to do skits. We have some YouTube parodies as part of ours and I was made to be the dorky kid from the famous YouTube clip "Star Wars Kid." Just a little Chief being a dork!
  7. Here's an outtake from a skit I'm in for work, it's a parody of the Star Wars Kid YouTube clip. The last 20 seconds are my favorite!
  8. One month and 3 days. Randy Couture for the win! Please please please please! And I hope that GSP - Koscheck ends up being a good fight! See you in a month, moss.
  9. I was thinking (after I stopped chuckling) the bottom right post was photochopped because it doesn't follow the diagonal of the curb on the bottom left.
  10. <haha good one> Fairweather is the name of our family goat--she makes great cheese. And our fiberline tops 40 gb/s (but only on late night weekdays)
  11. Chief

    My Girls

    Wow! They're really growing up, you have a beautiful family.
  12. Burried to spec, a thread must be dead approximately 4 years to be classified as a RDG (really deep grave) by a rabbit.
  13. When I was 18 I had a summer crush that was 24. That's the only girl I've ever dated older than me. Other than that I've dated girls that ranged from 0 to 8 years younger. The last was 8 years younger the current is 1 year younger. She's also the first girl I've dated over 26 (31).
  14. ZD is having a BBQ with French wine & cheeses to celebrate Bastille Day!
  15. - Marquardt (submission) - KenFlo (submission) - Tito (TKO) - Sherk (TKO) - Nogueira (submission) - Bonnar (decision) Let's hope for some great fights and great hook-ups afterwards. Worst case, we're going to have a blast any way.
  16. Man, I'm glad we had this thread. My hard drive died, and now I have the budget worksheet to use still!
  17. Oh, awesome! That's hilarious. What a great pick me up after a long day at work!
  18. My professional roll in the sport prohibits me from participating. Hopefully, like hockey & basketball, that will someday change!
  19. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/6603051.stm
  20. Saw this video and it reminded me of the wasteland thread that got started years ago! Good memories with a lot of good folks. Hope you are all well and that I get to see many of you at FF07.
  21. The date through me off, I expected this to be some troll of an old thread from years ago! I voted no, but we'll need him to throw it around to keep these FFs going. Hope I'm able to make it back to the midwest this year!
  22. Koscheck was saying that Diego had Hep C. Bad rumor to start! I think Diego is going to tear him up tomorrow night!
  23. Done, you've got my number just let me know when/where.
  24. Well, I'll post up some pictures. If anybody is going, let me know. I won't be able to pull freebies for this fight most likely, but I'll PM you if anything comes up.
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