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  1. I have been playing with a Wizard now. I am a level 60 +3. I have DPS of 33,000. I really like the wizard the best. I have about 60% reduction on all elements. I have bought the weapons and armor for the most part because I cant seems to get goodies. I also have a 65% chance on finding rare items. I usually have the best DPS and best armor with the public guys I play with in act I and act II. I die the least etc, but lately has been bad. I am trying to get to the higher acts in Inferno to get the better goodies, But the last two runs in act II have cost me well over 240K in repairs. I would like to know what I can do to make my Wizard more resilient (sp?). The game can be fun at times when lots of good players play, but I am not making much money on the magic items, and I have only picked up less than a handfull of rare items which were not worth anything. Regards -Gary A
  2. I put the tag NSFW, so..its not safe for work, cause there swearing from some of the Blizzard Devs and such. Link: http://www.ign.com/a...o-iii-criticism Link 2: http://www.cinemable...-Off-45895.html David Brevik finally gave his thoughts on Diablo III, as he is one of the co-founders to Blizzard North and created the Diablo franchise. David Breviks Thoughts on Diablo III Interview: http://diablo.incgam...ngs-on-diablo-3 There is some criticism going on with the people who took offense to Davids interview on how the Blizzard employees who are bad mouthing him were never even working at Blizzard at the time nor do they even personally know him. What do you all think about these events? EDIT Jay tries to apologize LINK:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6398870250#1
  3. Invulnerable minions out, averaging MF in group play out, enrage timers out. http://diablo.incgamers.com/
  4. Hello, everyone! Myself and a friend are interested in possibly rounding out a 3 or 4 player party, if we can find like-geared players. The requirements may sound steep, but they're not difficult to reach. Magic Find: Please have ~200% MF Unbuffed (that means without NV stacks) on your actual set. Currently, we average less than 5 seconds to kill an entire elite pack (gold and rares) and slightly longer if the pack is a shielding mob, so you wouldn't have time to gear swap into an MF set. We push this requirement since we each exceed it, and if adding more players, don't want to tarnish the ratio. DPS: Since I'm a tank, we're looking for two dps players. Preferrably, you need to do 45,000 dps unbuffed. This is because our act 2 farms are 12-17 minutes / run , with the immediate goal of slightly increasing our stats in order to clear our act 3 farms in under 25 minutes / run. Survivability: We prefer players who aren't glass cannons - Threat in Diablo is erratic, and you should be able to take several hits without dying. Voice: Mumble is required. ltdragequit.murmur.nfoservers.com , port 10000 , Channel: Diablo Party B. Current party structure: 1. Myself (Ve3tit#1950) 17,000 dps (Unbuffed) (Dual-wield Tank) 2. TheMaster (TheMaster627#1815) 54,000 dps (Unbuffed) (Wizard) If you're interested, please contact me on here - or in-game. We'll try you out in a session and see how you do.
  5. So, I returned to Diablo III after a bit of a vacation from it - something about watching my brother and his friend rick-rolling inferno mode in late act 3 (seriously, nothing could hurt his monk.) He was fighting a mob pack that was Desecrator/Plaguebearer/Fast/Reflects Damage near the end of Act 3, and standing in the desecrate and plague, tanking all 3 mobs, and his health was going down very little. Anyway, that sparked my need to play some more, and I've gone and tricked out my monk, so now she's even crazier than before. And, I have > 70,000 health, with about 2,000 health return / hit. And I'd really love to not play with pubs.
  6. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Flitterkill-1922/hero/4013242 To see yours (or possibly mine) log into the community site with your battlenet credentials.
  7. I sold a UnID 1h sword, guy ID's it, and shows me stats, and its worth 15m+ ><, I should start IDn stuff
  8. http://diablo.incgam...items-currently Conversely, this also allows someone to bank 4 property UN-ID's items and dump them lot-style on people expecting a mix of 4-6 property items.
  9. Legit unfortunately. Some folks have broken out the hex editors and are hacking at the bid and buy it now buttons apparently allowing them to buy out items at the initial listing price, not the buy out price. Options: 1) Wait until this is patched. 2) Set a comfortable starting bid to protect yourself. Enjoy!
  10. https://www.facebook.com/DiabloIIIAuctionHouse?bookmark_t=page another place for us to buy/sell armors/weapons etc. )w
  11. Well my account got hacked...nufff said. Well let the long road to recovery begin.
  12. Hey Everyone, Long time no see. I've been spending most of my free time playing this addicting game . Long story short, i'm in Act 2 inferno and am getting slaughtered by champion packs. I've tried to look up the best build for a Barbarian but can't seem to figure out the best route. With the AH becoming ridiculously expensive I want to make sure I buy the right gear and not make a mistake. I'd appreciate any input you all have on what to do. Currently i'm just farming money but i'm not even making that much. I can eventually see myself just giving up and not playing anymore. I appreciate making the game harder from ACT to ACT but the AH is way out of control and unless you've been playing since day 1 (which is not me) you're kinda up a creek withotu a paddle.....or good gear. If anyone wants to add me my tag is Clive#1639 thanks Xterminator
  13. 1) When you off Belial, don't warp back to town. Go back the way you came. When you get into the town proper everyone has come out of hiding and is cheering you. A lot of people don't even know this is coded in; everyone seems to warp back to the Hidden Camp. Worth doing at least once. 2) Does anyone - anyone! - go into the bar just before exiting Caldeum? Gotta be the least used area of the entire game.
  14. Was in a pug on Act IV today, and met this Wizard called nickerz. He has this build that made Act IV Inferno into easy-mode. He was able to spam Frost Nova continuously, and enemies would just stay frozen around us all the time. They couldn't even touch us He says the secret is to stack critical hit chance and pair that with the Wizard's passive called Critical Mass. Critical Mass reduces cooldown of skills by 1 second whenever you crit. Since his crit % was so high (he said 60%), he was able to bring down his cooldowns to 0 and just spam his skills. He also used this other skill called Energy Twister that increases crit %. We killed bosses without them even laying a single hit. It was unbelievable His skill build (and runes): 1. Energy Twister (Wicked Mind) 2. Energy Armor (Prismatic Armor) 3. Diamond Skin (Crystal Armor) 4. Explosive Blast (Chain Reaction) 5. Frost Nova (Cold Snap) 6. Slow Time (Stretch Time) Passives: 1. Blur 2. Critical Mass 3. Evocation
  15. I find that the Monk that I am playing now is easier to use, has more damage power and is stronger than my Witch doctor that had the same stats. Anyone else experience something like that? At lvl 30, My monk will destroy my level 30 witch doctor. Kind of sad, since my witch doctor at level 56 now is pretty stout in terms of armor etc.
  16. This is my first real go around with this type of game, so I'm a noob for sure. My monk is currently lvl 23 I think, I'm just looking for advise as to the best way to build him up, because honestly,I have no idea what I'm doing and usually just equip the best gear I can find (or that Flitter drops for me, thx btw) and use the newest skills as they unlock....then I mash buttons and hope stuff dies. I have no idea as to the best way to progress my dude, I just know that pretty much everyone is far more advanced than me.
  17. Some very interesting changes coming down: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/6262208/Patch_103_Design_Preview-6_6_2012
  18. Anyone else already bored with this game? Or just feel like blizzard should of stepped up their game a little more with this than they did? I just started a Hardcore character to help keep me entertained, which it will for a while, but I'm seriously thinking of getting GW2 when its released and playing that instead. This game has just already gotten repetitive and boring. Diablo 2 had a much better feel about it i think. These maps feel incredibly small compared to the D2 ones. Even with the randomization you can navigate through one very quickly, theyre not as complex. They look nicer yes, but i don't care for graphics when there's no substance. The leveling went way too fast. 60 as the new cap isnt enough, and the last few levels didnt take near long enough to acquire. What happened to when in D2 you hit close to the level 90 mark and then each level after that took DAYS upon DAYS to get doing runs and stuff? Just poorly done. And I miss runewords. Maybe they'll add something like that in later, but for now I really miss being able to make stuff like that. And then the whole 4 people per game instead of 8. Granted I know its not an MMO game, but reducing the number of people doesn't allow one to play with many of their friends at once, and gives it an even more feel of just a single player game that you have the option to play online with a few other people. If I wanted a single player game I would buy a single player game, and it wouldn't be required to have the internet to play it on either. There's been nights already where i see tons of friends on, but we're all in separate games doing our own things. Might as well be single player. All in all GW2 is looking pretty good at this point.
  19. Anyone checked it out yet? $250 for a 1 hander. Nice...
  20. Hey everyone. Geared Monk Tank here, with mostly ilevel 63 items, and a few ilevel 62 items. If players need help with Hell, or need to be ran through Inferno Acts 1 - 2, or are somewhat geared and need help with Act 3, or are geared and just looking to farm Act 4 (without having to kite for an hour) , I'm interested. I'll help players who need it. There's no fee or request, all I ask is if you need help with Acts 1 or 2 that you wear your MF gear instead of your standard dps gear. I currently have 718 resist all, and +/- 40 in other categories. Can self buff up to 850 resist all. Just send me a friend request in-game, ve3tit#1950 , and that you saw the post on the gcftw forum.
  21. Seeing as how this is my first Blizzard game since Warcraft III came out, I'm new to this whole Battle.net stuff. Some casual reading has brought up the topic of account theft, which led to authenticators. Anyone here use them? Would you recommend them? I picked a strong password that I don't use for ANYTHING else online and I'm sure I would catch any attempts at phishing. Just curious if a mobile authenticator app on my droid would be worth it / necessary.
  22. Everybody hurts... sometimes. Are you getting wiped multiple times by a blue or yellow pack? Share the good times by taking a screen shot of the mob! We'll laugh, we'll cry, we might have a tip or two, or more likely tell you to keep running...
  23. I know, still early in the launch but me want play now. For those that don't have the status page bookmarked (or know about it at all) here it is: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/status Also, a plug for the authenticators. They are even free if you have a smart phone. http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/battle-net-mobile-authenticator-faq
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