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  1. got in on the beta!! got my invite 2 days ago luckily i randomly checked my old email today. only 11 hours and 2.4 gigs of d/l to go !! heh
  2. If you didn't know, it is going to Sunday now. -noah
  3. http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/misc/standalonepatch.shtml Couldnt sign in for a couple of days, went to the website, you gotta D/L the patch from here.
  4. Fileplanet is bringing it's subscribers (like me ) a spot in the stress test phase of both the World of Warcraft beta, and the Tribes: Vengence beta. Both are available for download to anyone with a FP subscription (like me ). For the WoW beta, you log in, get a unique key, and then download the 2GB+ file and wait for the stress test to begin. I'll let you know how it goes .
  5. Phase 3 should be starting sometime this week, they are putting a new patch out today and they said after it smoothly launches they are going to send out more invite emails so make sure you start checking your spam box for beta invites in the near future.
  6. Has anyone been accepted to test out WoW? I was wondering what its like, debating on wether i am going to purchase it or not.
  7. They are sending out the Phase 2 invites in waves so within the week I will have my beta.
  8. I bought the Warcraft III "battlechest" at Walmart about 3 am two nights ago. It's pretty sweet. I've actually been up all night playing it, and I just got the internet hooked up, so I'm checking out what www.planetwarcraft.com has to offer in the way of downloads. I know there's a few out there who play Warcraft. Speak up, lets get a few games going online.
  9. War Craft III is a great game.. I have the expansion and I play it all the time. If you want to join me in a game holla at me.. account: jeffe If you guys want please put your accounts so I know..
  10. Warcraft 3...its like starcraft right?playing agaisnt other ppl.. WoW is like diablo 2?You control one character and gop through a storY?
  11. This kinda came out in the other thread. But i really dont wanna sift through all that. So, Tell what you wanna be and discuss why here! Im probably gonna be Gnomish Warlock Its ont he alliance which is good times. I love those kind of characters, you jsut see this little tiny gnome in a black robe running around. And he summons and Infernal Unit thats five times the size of his character and twice the size of your huge Orc.
  12. HAHAHAHA! What an awsome site http://www.taurentotem.com/cam.htm
  13. I've not touched WC since we used to play WCII at Lans. Who runs the WC servers? How does that work? Does it require anywhere near the bandwidth as other games? Is this something that Mantis could be used for? My prediction is that Mantis is going to be FTP only (and Homer's gonna owe me 5 bucks). However, Mantis can really do more than just FTP for our members, so we're open to possibilities that would be useful IN the community...(the DMZ as it stood until upgrade was a mess of a DM server that nobody we know was using)
  14. As some of you may or may not know, as in most MMORPGs, there will most likely be different types of servers for WoW. The most likely ones will be: Normal, FvF (horde vs alliance), PvP (player vs player) and RP (role plaiyng). I'll go into these in detail. Normal: This is "normal" pvp. In wow, there will be instanced zones (maps) that will have pvp (not sure if it is anyone kills anyone, or just FvF) and only in these zones. That means no killing anyone else unless in these zones (or if they agree to a duel..) which basically means it is consentual pvp. This is good if you never want to fight other people, because you can avoid those zones. FvF: This server is great for raiding other towns and for long PvP battles. This means any member of the alliance if open to attack from the horde and vice-versa. This is my personal choice. PvP: Also known as PK servers. These servers are where anyone can kill anyone at any time, no restrictions. Some people see these as suspensful because an attacker could be hiding around the corner at any time, although I've heard horror stories about higher leveling slaughtering newbies. Personally this would be my least favorite. RP: This is where all the people who want to role play go. Role players tend to be more mature (big generalization there) and nicer (again..). These RPers usually interact with eachother within their characters. So instead of going up to someone and saying "hey man, how's it been going? wanna party up?" they would say something like "Oh, I've heard about your deeds before, care to group with me? (I know that sounds cheezy, I suck at doing it.. but you get the point)" Of course, not everyone has to RP on these servers.. its just encouraged here, and generally everyone who would on normal servers go to these. Well there you go.. I'm interested in seeing what you guys will choose. I tried to make a poll but it wouldn't let me.
  15. http://www.xenogenic.net/wowpics My friend updated with some more pics today
  16. These are hosted on my RL friend's website and are screenshots he took from his alpha/beta acct. http://www.xenogenic.net/wowpics
  17. http://www.thewarcenter.com/forums/index.php?showforum=39 Defense of the Ancients FAQ Q: Who's the creator of DoTA? A: Eul is the sole creator of DoTA. Q: What is the point of Defense of the Ancients? A. To take control of a single hero and destroy the opposing computer-controlled base. As you attempt to destroy the enemy base, other player-controlled heros from the other team will often try to kill you. Each hero has different skill types, and is played a different way. Q: Where can I get the latest DOTA map version? A: Should you have problems downloading the current version of the map off of b.net, we recommend checking the "sticky" topic at the top of this forum. All you need to do is save the map to your Warcraft III "Maps" file under the subfolder "Download". Please check your computer's pathing for help with this. Q: I downloaded the map and all, but I still do not have it! You lied! Now die! A: You received the file "zipped". Go to the maps section manually, and double click on the folder that seems to be next to the maps. Inside is the actual map. Copy and paste, my friend. Q: What is DOTAX? what is DOTA DX? A: DOTAX = DOTA DX. It is the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Expansion version of the classic DOTA. The Reason there are 2 versions of the same game is due to changes in TFT, which made DOTA 1.2 unplayable. Thus, Eul was forced to re-reate DOTA for the TFT expansion, under the name DOTA DX 1.0. Q: I want to play DOTA: AE4 but i have TFT installed. I've heard you can play DOTA AE4 even after you install the TFT expansion. How? A: You can either create a shortcut for each application some where convenient, or you can go to the WC3 folder each time to manually double-click the icon. Q: Who is the hero in the middle of the map and how do I complete the quest? who is Morbazan? How do i get the flux staff? A: His name is Morbazan, Eldritch of Oblivion. Walking up to him three times with a Void Stone, Oblivion Staff, and Null Chain in your inventory (Do NOT insert the items into Morbazan's inventory) rewards you with a secret item, Morbazan's Flux Staff. This item has the following properties; +5 all stats, +50% mana regen, +300 mana. Any player can complete this quest once. Q: My hero is too weak! What can I do to make him/her better? A. A common way to get rid of hero weakness is to get items to make them better. For example, the Undead's "Tormented Soul" hs horrendous HP, making him a prime target for nuking. However, there are several items that can be bought that will raise this value, and make him more resilient. Try many item combinations to find your hero's ideal one! Q: What happens after my hero dies? A: You will respawn with full health and some mana after you die. The time to respawn is 8 seconds multiplied by your character level; so 8 seconds at level 1, 80 seconds at level 10. (Do not leave because you died. It weakens your team.) You also lose gold upon death at the rate of 50 gold per character level; so 50 gold at level 1, 500 gold at level 10. If you are certain you cannot escape death, try to quickly transfer your gold to teammates using the Allies menu (F11). Later, ask them to transfer back to you. You do not lose items or experience when dying. If one player kills another player's hero, they recieve 100 bonus gold (for a total of 141). (Excluded are kills via Touch of Death.) Q: Can I repick my hero? A: No. If you're having trouble with your current hero, ask your team for advice on using him. Q: Do boots of agility, gloves of haste or damage boosting items carry over through the Phantom Lancer's Ultimate? A: No. Boots of agility, gloves of haste, and damage boosting items DO NOT carry over through the lancers ultimate. Q: What are the primary attributes of all DoTA: AE4 heroes? A: Here's a list: UNDEAD Venomancer - Agility Lifestealer - Agility Necrolyte - Intelligence Pit Lord - Strength Soulrender- Intelligence Krovikan Vampire - Strength Sidereal Engine - Strength Bone Fletcher - Agility Storm Spirit - Agility Demon Magess - Intelligence Tormented Soul - Intelligence Lycanthrope - Strength Mageslayer - Agility Void Demon - Agility Commander of the Abyss - Strength Wraithlord - Intelligence NIGHT ELF Juggernaught - Strength Stealth Assassin - Agility Lunar Matriarch - Intelligence Purity's Disciple - Intelligence Virtue's Disciple - Intelligence Phantom Lancer - Agility Flamelord - Agility Dragon Knight - Strength Dwarven Sniper - Agility Omniknight - Strength Frost Maiden - Intelligence Forest Nymph - Intelligence Titan of the Order - Strength Earthshaker - Strength Troll Warlord - Agility Aquasoul - Intelligence
  18. I read the vnboards a lot This is a nice thread from a beta tester. http://vnboards.ign.com/WoW_General_Board/...89/66171752/
  19. I can see already that people all want to be different races on different sides of the war. I would like to create a clan from the start made up of community members, and possibly even find some new members as the game gets going. However, it seems that to do this, we must decide which side we'll be on. Now, you'll be able to have multiple characters, I'm assuming. So if the majority decides on, say the Alliance, you can still create your Tauren character and alternate using your Alliance character on planned clan times, and your Horde character when you're on your own. The Blizzard F.A.Q. says this about the Horde vs the Alliance: So, it seems that we'll have to pick one side or the other. Vote up, and give us a good reason. Or, if you don't think a community team is a good idea, say that instead.
  20. Check out the available classes here and tell us what class you'll be (with which race). Myself, I'm probably going to be a Dwarven warrior or paladin
  21. Beta emails went out today Anyone get one? Nothin for me.
  22. For any of you folks that played a wizard in EQ, you are likely familiar with graffe.com. (Home for the wizzys of norath). Their is a long post on their forums by one of the long standing members on his thoughts on the game and compares the features against other mmorpg's. http://www.graffe.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15526 ......it's kinda long.
  23. Ill see you around Going to have my RL friend that was in the alpha hook me up with whatever he can.
  24. Start throwing suggestions out guys! I know Crowbar is planning on setting a gc community guild up (I'm assuming .gc membership is not required for this) and he recently asked for names. The other thread though is getting crowded so give your suggestions here. Maybe at the end CB or some other mod will toss a poll up with the best ones and we can vote. But we need ideas first! Unfortunately I've no ideas at the moment but I'll post somethin up as soon as I think of it. Cya!
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