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  1. Anyone playing on any pvp servers on horde side? I wanna roll a be paladin hehe
  2. Hey guys, I have a lvl 70 Priest on Illidan if anyone is on that server, and wants to play some time.
  3. If you have been thinking of trying WoW or if your a vetran and have been thinking of having another go at it, NOW is the time to do it. Shazz & I just started characters and are going be leveling them for the next few weeks. I would love nothing better than to have a GC guild. I have been avoiding taking a leadership role as much as possible but for this I will go all out. (the first GC guild collapsed & reformed....soap opera) A number of people have contacted me regarding the GC guild, if you want to play now is the time to start a new character fresh. Get in there & add me to your friends list "wayfarergc" We are alliance on the anvilmar server. Oh & BTW there is nothing like going into warsong gulch (CTF) with your guild on TS and absoloutly dominating the entire time that your on! Shazz lvl 7 priest Wayfarergc lvl 6 rogue server: anvilmar faction: alliance
  4. Post up where your playing, I'll add it to the list and delete your post to keep it clean. Community name / WoW name / Server Linch / Migal Argent Dawn East RP Server chuckleslove / Halldis, Halldritch, Halldrick, Gallenia / Argent Dawn East RP Server Soul / Mordina / Argent Dawn East RP Server Crowbar / Crowgombar / Argent Dawn East RP Server zeho / Alexandros / Illidan central PVP Server All Kill3r / AK / Illidan central PvP & Sergeras central PvP Mk5 / Shoran / Illidan PvP central Server Korodas /Korodas / Illidan central PVP Server eXile / Ithalnos / Whisperwind Central PvE Brillow Head / Brillock, Brillion / Whisperwind Central PvE Spiralstairs / Expatriate / Whisperwind Central PvE maxkilljoy / maxkilljoyvi / Whisperwind Central PvE Nubus / Nazzarith / Whisperwind Central PvE Gunman / Tehbantha / Stormreaver Central PvP Server Rashad / Webb / Stormreaver Central PvP Server NyxErinyes / Keiran / Alleria Server TaPe / Feudal / Kel'Thuzad central Server Draco / dracz / Azgalar central server jessica_alba / Tenesmus / Bleeding Hollow Eastern PVP Zeabos / Zeabos, Rikimaru / Gorefiend PvP East Coast BuzzzN_Frog / Abakiah / Skullcrusher PvP East Kenger / Borne / Destromath PvP server JavaBomberman / Sylen / Earthen Ring RP gnarly(ROCA) / Illbrewr / Darkspire PvP
  5. I have come to an agreement with my GM to bring all active GC members into my main's guild. The guild is called Genesis. Shep, Scuba, Shazz, & Kenger have moved over already. When you come on whisper me & I'll invite you into the new guild. (you must leave the old guild before I can invite) With the direction the GC guild was moving & the rate of some members levels increasing this move was inevitable. It is hard enough for you guys to do mid-level instances, let alone higher level ones. This a beneficial move for all parties involved. Have fun!
  6. I was talking to a lvl 1 naked guy in stormwind and he explained something to me. I will pass it on to all of you. With your main, make a lvl 1 guy closest to your major city. Take him/her to the auctionhouse of the major city. Name it something easy to remember (other players will eventually recognize this character). For example my char's name is Tontoslackey. Send all of your useable (but not needed) items to this character. Cloths, herbs, green/blue items, etc... When the weekend rolls around put ALL of your items in the auction house for 24 hours. Servers are populated the most over weekends so players won't look for deals, just items. I made 22 gold last Saturday. Before you do this though, make sure you send your character enough gold to purchase 12/14 slot bags. That way he can hold more stuff. This is not my idea so I'm not going to take credit, but it works very well.
  7. We can design a tabard for our guild here. We can't put letters in there from what I can see so GC is out. Here is what I desogned; my idea for a tabard
  8. So got the rocket fuel recipe on auction for 50 gold... no buy out. it's the only one for sale. how much do you think it'll end at? I thought about stamping a big 150 gold buy out on it. but i dunno have a like a few of these recipes.
  9. leveling guide see what you guys think of it
  10. Anyone have any Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne CD Keys they aren't using?? i wanna play some w3 with Cutelittlerabbit but i cant find a spare Frozen Throne cdkey =[ thanks -Ross
  11. Anybody up for Scarlet Monastery tonight or will we all be too busy scoping out the new talents and other changes from the big update today? *Edit: Due to the additional delay this expedition has been postponed till tomorrow
  12. The servers will be down until 4:00PM est according to Blizzard entertainment. There is a huge content patch being applied that is going to change the PvP ranking system and also overhaul the talents tree. This is another step of preperation for the burning crusade expnsion pack. I'm not completely positive about this but I belive everyone gets a free talent respec. Make sure you have your talent points applied when you get back in game. The server could be back up earlier than 4:00PM est you'll have to check every once in awhile. realm status page
  13. Figured I start a post to house all the GC guild "TO DOs" So besides leveling and getting loot... are we going to break up into group for certain tasks or what not? And how are we going to go about recruiting if we meet someone new through WoW?
  14. I was wondering is we could change the password to something a little more easily remembered.
  15. Ok, so I'm on lvl 19, and my goal is to be primarily a DPS warrior. My question is this: should I stick with the big two handed weapons that I've been using, or should I go to dual wielding single-handed weapons? I've been hearing that dual-wielding means that you miss all the time. So is it really a big advantage to dual wield? if it is worth it, should I start right away?
  16. hey guys not sure if anyone ploaying WoW remembers me but um if any of u do what server r u all playign on?
  17. Well! After many months of playing wow, 2 of the Medium sized guilds on our server, Lords of Terror(my guild), and Sect of Shadow merged together to form Shadowlords. We have 90 level 60s, and have begun to work on Molten Core. After 3 weeks as a guild, we took down all the bosses up to Golemagg the Incinerator last night. We hope to take down Domo and Onyxia next week(we waill attempt rag, but our gear isnt nearly good enought o do it, although hopefully our MT will have Warlord next week). Several of up are working on the quest for the water to put out the Seals to summon domo. I finally got my first Epic last night, Nightslayer Shoulder Pads off of Sulfuron and I am very pleased After 2 months of having top teir blue gear, its nice to be able to move up again. How are you guys progressing? Blackwing Lair? How is it?
  18. Copied from Tom's Hardware. " Blizzard's president Mike Morhaime is not concerned with missing the holiday season. "A huge installed fan base is buying the expansion pack regardless of when it's released," he said." Sounds to me their saying "sit down, shut up, and continue to pony up the 15 bucks a month, we'll get the expansion to you when we are darn well ready." I gave up WoW several months ago. Then started playing CS:S. I have not regretted this. I played WoW for almost a year and came to realize that it is nothing but the same level, loot grind all the way to the end game content and then it starts all over at lvl 60 with the raiding grind to get better gear. I don't miss it at all. It was fun for a while but lost it's appeal somewhere around lvl 57 for me. This is my personal opinion but most folks have to find this out for themselves.
  19. Slaughter and I have finally given into the WoW addiction....we started playing this weekend. Anyone play on the server "The Venture Co." ???
  20. I have 2 60 hordes on Altar of Storms and a 60 ally on Destromath. Anyone playing at all? Im really bored atm. AOS is dying and Destro has outgrown me
  21. South Park meets WoW i watched the episode last night and i've never laughed so hard at that show before. Whoever is a south park and WoW fan HAS to watch this.
  22. I just picked up a copy of WOW and I'm looking at starting in the next couple of days or so. Any tips or suggestions? Any clans available to take me under they're wing? (only if it is impossible for me to survive on my own) Do we (GC) have a clan? Thank-You in advance.
  23. WoW Funny story lol News clipping http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/news/c...6d-9072db1688e4 http://www.ottawasun.com/News/OttawaAndReg...758016-sun.html http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/news/o...14-652f83e27868 http://www.ottawapolice.ca/en/serving_otta....cfm?nr_id=3383
  24. Starting Tichondrius Horde... wayfarer has a mage me a warlock come play with us! =)
  25. If you haven't watched these video's, take a look! They're both short downloads, and they're hilarious. First is a guy who played a lvl 60 pally and then switched to a shaman, and the second is a female human mage that switched to an undead mage. If you're having trouble opening them, try this program (you should have it anyway, it plays EVERYTHING): VLC media player Pally to shaman switcher: Deity Human to undead mage: Having played a female human mage to 58, I feel her pain
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