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  1. Seven perhaps last night? How we doin here?
  2. WANNA PLAY BF VIETNAM? Im on TS or aim
  3. So all this talk about playing or setting up a server on the PC...anybody play on the Xbox? I still <3 <3 <3 Priscilla Chan
  4. Do I add this server onto the heap of failed BF servers we've had?
  5. Add me as a friend! St3d4nk0 =)
  6. Well, you asked for it and Flitterkill deliverd. Now it's up to you guys to help decide in what direction we take this server. Personally, I believe it would be easier to maintain / get new traffic with a DM server.
  7. I believe it is at least. Now if y'all just use it... # This file is to be editable by the server administrator. # It can contain any remote administration commands that are to be run during game server startup. vars.idleTimeout 300 vars.idleBanRounds 0 vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed true vars.3dSpotting false vars.miniMap true vars.miniMapSpotting true vars.killCam false vars.autoBalance true vars.3pCam false vars.regenerateHealth false vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn true vars.nameTag false vars.hud false vars.teamKillCountForKick 5 vars.teamKillValueForKick 4.1 vars.teamKillValueIncrease 1 vars.teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond 0.05 vars.gamePassword "" vars.roundStartPlayerCount 2 vars.crossHair false vars.soldierHealth 60 vars.playerRespawnTime 100 vars.playerManDownTime 100 vars.bulletDamage 100 vars.friendlyFire true vars.punkBuster true vars.Ranked true
  8. If you are overclocking your system, remove the overclocks and go back to stock. It doesn't matter how long you've been overclocking your system, it is probably the problem. My game kept crashing and stuttering in game and everything. Once I disabled my overclocks, my game started playing great. I was even able to re-enable ultra-high and what not on my system without a hitch.
  9. Name changes, gcftw redirect, actual config, admin and such all coming eventually but probably tomorrow.
  10. Wondering how many peeps still play dc here??Im part of the *=SAS=* clan and i think it would be neat to join in on the community if you guys are still active in DC. http://www.sasklan.com/ theres a link and we have about 50 members and are involved in TWL and STA ladders.We could use some old Veterans to play and help out...In serious need of Pilots.
  11. so i got my copy of BF2 today and im a noob at it so i got a couple questions... #1 how do i get the weapon upgrades? i mean like wen u hav 2 choices for that type of soldier #2 i cant think of anything #3 ummm, o right is there anyway i can like edit the game details like console in cs? #4 wher can i get hax?
  12. I just purchased BF2 today and installed it on my computer. I was trying to find the Unknown Soldiers server to play on because I heard they are a lot like GC servers, but thats besides the point. Anyways I found out there is a patch so I download it (only took about 2.5 hours ) and install it and everything and look for the server again with no luck. So then I become slightly smarter and go to their website, write down the IP's for the servers and punch them in to join. Well, both IP's I wrote down are invalid so I go and verify they are correct and they are. I figure out well i'll just play on any server for the time being and find the other one later. So I go to join a server and I get a stupid "LOC_cd key not valid" error. So then I post in the EA Battlefield forum asking someone to help me out and i'm still waiting. And i'm posting here as well. If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it very much. I can't wait to play this game and it makes me very aggitated that something stupid like this has to happen. I have never had such a prblm with any game trying to play it online. Any game that is that i've had that HASN'T been bootlegged. Bah, i'm such a noob, I figured it out. Anyways anyone else play let me know? Cuz I want a cool server to play at, i'll pry be gettin the expansion next week. We can start an ubercool clan or something and pwn some noobs. Let me know!
  13. Nice mod, brings ya back to childhood sorta. Here's a link to fileplanet so you can download it. Give it a try!
  14. http://www.zrizzle.com/BF2_Screens/ some new screen shots and short demo movie clip
  15. I would really like to give this game a try since I have my new computer. Anyone know a good place to buy this game at a lower price? Or, anyone wanting to get rid of their copy?
  16. http://www.zrizzle.com/BF2-Lanvegas.wmv Ohh cant wait!!!!! Edit by Fatty: If link doesn't work, look below for other linkie.
  17. Dc_Final is awsome,5 new maps,Alot of fixes and some new skins for infantry and tanks.1 new Jet and alot of alterations to buildings and the battlefield.The terrain is awsome and no more VSS,its in crates now along with stingers.Check it out. http://www.ausgamers.com/files/download/html/14051
  18. ^ I played the orig BF1942 on my college's lan last year before I graduated, and it was a lot of fun. I thought about buying BF : Vietnam to play online but then heard BF2 was coming out. Just wondering what the latest news is on this game?
  19. Finally. Looks pretty sweet. Is Vietnam an expansion? Do I have to own the original BF42? If its a standalone game, then I assume youll only be able to play Vietnam-style and not the WW2 type game if I just buy that? Is there some kinda dual package, or is Vietnam the superior game? What should I buy basically?
  20. Just watched this Bond movie made inside the Battlfield 1942 mod "Desert Combat". It's quite good, and only 42mb. Check out a short review, and get a download link here.
  21. Anyone add there own music to BFV?? I did and there is something bfv doesnt like about some mp3's.. First i thought it was some of the 160bit ones i had put in the music dir, but its not.. Well ill put some mp3's into the mymusic folder in bfv, and then the game wont start.. I renamed them all to 5 characters or less, but it still crashed.. Then i took out any mp3 but the 128bit ones, but it still crashed.. I have like 19 songs in there now that all work, but i still cant figure out what it is about some mp3's that make it crash.. And its driving me nutz..
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