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Neat skit


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I liked the skit and especially for the fact that it shows who's reponsible for our salvation.


I find it interesting that in some skits it's not a happy ending though it is God who is reponsible for our salvation; He just can't seem to get back to his child.


Again, this leads me to the very posts about UR (universal reconciliation). In the viewpoint, Since man is born with no free will (he is enslaved to sin from the womb) It is God who must reconcile man unto God. That is exactly what he did.


Had the child actually managed to kill herself does God damn her forever? Is the all powerful all knowing God able to find his child and restore her?


We depend on a cocktail recipe of free will people that we clearly also believe are fully in bondage to sin that need to be saved.

Then again, who's trying to kill the child? God or sin?


Did Jesus die to save us from God?


I believe the scriptures bare out that God is indeed in love with every one of his offspring (see acts 17) and that he seeks to save EVERY single man. I also believe scripture bears out that his motive and goal is to have mercy on EVERY individual (romans 11)

I also believe that if he fully loves them, fully understands they are blind from sin; and fully is capable of finding them and restoring them; THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HE HAS DONE AND IS DOING. (see col 1)


God has reconciled all things unto himself and ALL THINGS HAVE BEEN MADE SUBJECT TO HIM (see heb 2)

though we don't see it at this time (according to heb 2) IT IS SO!


So I also believe he has found a way to bring each man to his knee and to confession; he has found a way to humble each man and therfore he has mercy on them; each in his own turn.


So this skit seems to have some degree of showing a God who loves his child. What I'd like to see is a skit where the child is not restored and see what people make God out as (helpless to save his child). How would they make such a skit, if indeed that is the traditional belief.




Please dont see this as raining on the parade, I did apprecaite it but I find God's love so amazing that we don't even begin to think about how in bondage we truly are or were and how much he gave to find and save us.



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