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Everything posted by Shazz

  1. Apple fanboy here. I have to many apple devices and I would drop coinage on the windows phone in a heartbeat. The integration of office is awesome.
  2. Shazz

    Baby boy, 9lb 7 oz

  3. Shazz


    Hint...look at the date
  4. Shazz

    New Car

    What % are they? Debating on what ones to get on mine. 35 to 20 is my range even though any tint is illegal here in PA.
  5. Shazz

    Dues paid

    Welcome General! Ditto on lousiest post. Look for Flitterkill or Mookie.
  6. Shazz

    Change in status

  7. Shazz


    Count me in! The design looks cool. Either finish is cool with me but I do like the matte look.
  8. Shazz


    Join us!
  9. Shazz


  10. Shazz


    I would like 32 Hardcore mixed mode.
  11. Shazz


    There is no voice in bf3 except through Origin and you have join the party to be involved. The only swearing per say will be typed out in chat and there are filters for that. GC rules would and will be enforced to a certain degree. 1 warning, kick then if persistent banned. The difference between this game and L4D is that you can go up in the mountains and camp sniping till your heart is content. It won't kill the team. It will be like CS but a different (and better lol) game. No worries. Clueless and I have been to this rodeo before. Scopeless. I have confidence that we can make it work.
  12. Shazz


  13. Shazz

    Your Most Favorite Movie

    Saving private ryan. LOTR The first Matrix. Shawshank Redemption The Dark Knight Inception
  14. Shazz

    Howdy Folks!

    Cujo....thought you left earth. Like the avatar windex lol!
  15. Shazz

    Howdy Folks!

    Need the windex avatar back up.
  16. Shazz

    Upgrading Internet

    I pay the normal price. I don't think I pay any extra. Course I am kind of forced to use this company...which stinks.
  17. Shazz


    Wonder if the old GC server could rise again.... Seeing how three of our main admins are consistent. Just a thought.
  18. Shazz


    Just noticed this post. Pm sent.
  19. Schweet! I will be ordering one too edit: forgot my size L
  20. Shazz

    Super Bowl XLVI 2012

    That is awesome! Or you could hawk em and walk away with some cash
  21. Who do you think wins this Sunday? I would like to see Eli win in the house his brother built.
  22. Shazz

    L4D2 Ban from Versus

    Welcome to the forums!