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  1. Not sure if anyone else saw this .... this is a crowd funded sequel to the 1997 Planescape: Torment. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inxile/torment-tides-of-numenera I threw in $45 to get Wasteland 2 and this Torment sequel. Figured I'd throw something up here in case anyone else was interested in contributing.
  2. Stellar advice, as always. I started thinking about calculating the load myself -- and then I figured, someone here already knows The one that failed was an OCZ. Twice now, my mobo has shutdown saying it was receiving unstable power from the PSU and it was shutting down to protect itself. I don't remember the exact verbiage, but thats the gist of it. $80 is a crazy good price; I was expecting to spend much more. I'll just order it and be done with it.
  3. psu seems to be dying. How large of a psu would you pair with this stuff?
  4. btw, thanks for all the help ... nice to have a working machine again, even if its on a married-with-a-kid budget.
  5. Well crap, no luck on FO3 working ... though I do see a ton of reports of failures, and Bethesda confirmed major issues that they will not fix. Win7/64/Ultimate, UAC disabled, tried in XP and Vista compatability modes, tried setting affinity down to just 1 CPU (though this doesn't seem to stick between runs like compatability mode does), tried windowed and unwindowed. It wants to lock up when the vault opens -- though I skinned out of there after about 20 reloads. Now it locks up every time I load into the Megaton house. Morrowind overhaul 3.0 runs like a champ. Maybe I'll see about dual booting XP. The world just won't be right if I don't finish this game. Should have bought it years ago, shame on me.
  6. Ah see, well there ya go. Looked at the little pictogram again and yes I see that you are right. I'll have to do it again and make sure it is right.
  7. Pics, my god ... you set your sights too high man. lol ... I'll snap a few when I'm done Went together super easy. Was suprised about the way the fan connected -- just pushes in and turns. Hard to tell if its really secure or not. First stock fan I've used in probably 15 years -- so I guess my expectations were in need of shocking Any ideas on an app to use to look at core and mobo temperatures? The one I usually install ... HWMonitor ... tried to install spyware this morning, and AVG nuked it.
  8. Yah yah, fallout 3 goty edition. I have Win 7 Ultimate .... hopefully that does the trick.
  9. I have a steam game that I had finally purchased (FO3) and was about half-way through when my machine kicked the bucket. I'm reading reports that some ppl have got it to run on Win7, but I see many posts with ppl not being able to run it on 7, and Bethesda confirming issues. Anyway, I want to finish that game Then I have a copy of Win7 I ordered just before my machine died ... so that I could play the new XCom, since it doesn't run on XP.
  10. Easy enough, that answers most my questions. Now hopefully its easy to dual-boot xp and win7.
  11. Figured it'd be better than the onboard sound. Better to spend the money elsewhere?
  12. I got $500-600 to spend. I don't care AMD or Intel I'm reusing the case, 700 watt psu, and 1.5TB SATA 6gb/s drive. Buying memory, cpu, mobo, video, sound. I never overclock, so not planning on spending the money upgrading the stock cpu fan. I tossed this stuff together last night. http://www.newegg.co...N82E16813157280 http://www.newegg.co...N82E16814131473 http://www.newegg.co...N82E16820231568 http://www.newegg.co...N82E16819113285 http://www.newegg.co...N82E16829132013 Thoughts?
  13. Well that all worked ... no more shutdowns. Thanks a ton.
  14. Will I need to lube up the cpu again with the same type of grease i used before when I stick the fan back down? I tossed all that junk when I moved.
  15. Swapped the video card, no difference ... so swapped it back. Noticed something else while the case was open ... when it doesn't start, the cpu fan doesn't power up. One of the times I got it running, I popped into BIOS and looked around. In the overclocking section, everything was set to as high as it goes ... though I've never messed with that stuff. Set it back to defaults and now it appears to be running fine (fingers crossed).
  16. First off -- Haven't been around much. We moved to Raleigh, NC. in Dec .. last part of last year was crazy. Trying to get my gaming PC working again. I get a BSOD followed by an immediate reboot; then seems to start, but no video. Following that it seems like I can power it off and on as much as I want without getting any video. Tried resetting BIOS, then it booted up fine. Thought that fixed it ... then it locked up like 15 minutes later (not BSOD .. locked up mouse wouldn't move .. CTRL+ALT+DEL wouldn't respond). At this point I tried removing one memory chip ... started/no video. Then swapped it out for the other. Booted up fine, ran for like 8-12 hours, shutdown for night, booted up fine the next day then BSOD/reboot/won't start! Thoughts on what to try next? If I can get it running, anything to check while its running? I have an extra PSU, video card, and a set of memory modules from my wife's old computer I can steal. (She won't miss it ... shes got a mac now)
  17. Bewildered


    :boing: :boing: :boing: :boing:
  18. Ha ha I'm in the slow-old man group and I can still (mostly) keep up with the young ones.
  19. I know who you are. Muahahaha. Oh .... right. Bewildered = Shane F. Hit me up on Linked-in too. That way, when I need your resources, you'll be there
  20. It was Halloween. I played in costume. Edit* for 1 map. I also played as lots of other names that night so don't feel special.
  21. Gungame/DM ? Looks like it'd be switching mods rather than just a simple config, and uploading custom maps. So you'll have to hit up someone else. I played a few maps, was fun.
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