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  1. Zester any thoughts on this laptop?http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4E91DJ2314
  2. hey zest, im not finding that laptop at all on that site. anything else?
  3. Would also consider anyone here that has a laptop that they want to sell. 700 dollar budget now.
  4. Sorry, been busy with my sons open house and family. Thanks for the replies. The budget has changed to 700. He does not want a touch screen and win7 preferred but not a must. Hi zest! All is well here how about yourself?
  5. I'm looking for a laptop for my son. He's a casual gamer. He likes runescape, minecraft, gw2. Settings don't need to be high, just playable. Any suggestions? 500 dollar max budget.
  6. I too am in the market for a gaming laptop. It can be big and bulky. I really like the laptop in the first link here but I really would like Windows 7. The price range would be 700-800. Any other suggestions? I'm not opposed to refurbished if you guys feel that is a safe route to go.
  7. Damn someones good with a deagle!
  8. Question. Why does the shirt say Est. 2004? I've been a member of the forums since 2003 and I know GC was here before that.
  9. Do you think Guild Wars 2 on low settings would be playable on that machine you are selling?
  10. Seeing as how there doesn't look to be anyone with a laptop they want to part with, I'm beginning my search for a new one to buy. Anyone out there with some recommendations? It's going to be used for casual gaming and media stuff.(gonna need dedicated ghraphics) It's going to sit in one spot at our house so size/weight does not matter. Like to set a budget at or around 500.
  11. I'm looking for a laptop for my kids/wife to use. Does not have to be fancy. Mostly going to be used for internet , email, and my kids love Minecraft. Would be nice if it could run CSS and such games. I would also like the OS included and preferably XP. Let me know.
  12. If you could do long sleeve I would buy a couple even if it was a little more. XL if you're able to.
  13. LOL... I mean come on. Why would it be okay for someone to prefire 40 bullets with a p90 rounding corners spraying wildly assuming someone will be there, but not allow another to prefire with an awp through doors/chokepoints be any different? USE SOME TACTICS.
  14. I would say if the awp's ammo is restricted then the p90's ammo should be cut down as well. The spam from that gun is way worse on gc than any other gun on the server.
  15. Here is what I ended up getting. I have on order everything except the mobo. Waiting till the replacement Sandy Bridge boards come out, but here's the rest of my rig. CPU:i5 2500k VideoCard:XFX 6970 Power Supply:PSU recommended by Cujo RAM:8gb SSD for OS and most used programs:365mb/s read speeds on this sucker! 2 HDD's in raid1 for all my other files and junk:2-500gb WD black hdd Case:another Cujo recommendation DVD/CD Burner:settled for this for now..will get a blu ray down the road CPU Cooler (thanks to Preacher):Preach's good steal So far around 1300 dollars total. Still need the mobo and OS.
  16. Nice find. Just picked one up! Thanks preach.
  17. I'm wanting to buy a 22 inch lcd for gaming. Looking to spend under 250. What's the best out there and is 120 hertz refresh the way to go?
  18. I think I'm going to be able to use my dad's edu discount for windows 7 but when looking at what was available, windows 7 professional was not and windows 7 ultimate is available. I need to know if Ultimate is okay to use rather than professional and also should I get the 32 bit version or the 64 bit version.
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