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Episode 2


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I am also kinda peeved that I had to pay $29.95 for just Episode 2. I didn't want all contents of Orange Box. I don't need HL2, CSS, Ep1...already own. I don't want TF2...and I am interested in Portal, but why pay for extra crap and have to download 13gb of stuff?


I got the entire Orange Box for $25.00 at Best Buy two weeks ago. I just beat both Ep2 a few days ago and Portal yesterday. Yet, TF2 is the best part of the Orange Box.

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so wait.... HL2 is NOT HL2 Ep1?

Hmm now that Im thinking about it, I think I actually remember Ep1 coming out later.

So, since I only played the str8 HL2 from way back...the orange box might be a really good purchase for me. Id get Ep1 AND Ep2 AND Portals to keep me entertained in my single-player dial-up world.


Zero- (or anyone else playing bioshock) : I didnt buy it because it required internet to activate and I didnt even have dial up at the time. Are there any massive downloads I should worry about or anything? Or could I buy it, register it over dial up, then play it SP style?

I have Bioshock for Xbox 360, but I know for the PC one, you should be able to dial up to activate, but I don't think you need it after that unless you want the patches. There is a new patch being released this week that will include new plasmids as well (available for free over xbox live for those that have it as well).


The whole game is single player by the way, so once you're activated you should be good to go.



You will want to take it to a friends house who has broadband to get all of the updates. The cool thing about steam is that you can move the entire folder (or copy) to another hard drive and everything still works. Copy everything to an external hard drive, go to a buddies house (that you trust) and do the update there. Then bring it back and put the data back on your computer.



Hm. No access to a xternal. Hows about DLing updates seperately ( my GF has broadband at work), burning them, then bringing the cd home?



Hm. No access to a xternal. Hows about DLing updates seperately ( my GF has broadband at work), burning them, then bringing the cd home?



Nope...won't do that. Steam engine auto updates with no option to download updates.





WAIT a second here....

Is Bioshock released on Steam? Or did that get confused....I was asking about if I could buy bioshock, register it over dial up, then play it since it says you cant play the game without net access to "register" it.


So is that stuff above about if I wanted to update the orange box? (obviously steam)- which I couldnt do.

Or can I play bioshock? Cause I really really want to.

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  • 6 months later...


I did go back to a certain point in the game and when they decode the video stream it talks about aperture science labs which is what portal is based on.


These guys as valve are smart to keep creating different points of view of the same story. Gearbox did it with Opposing force and then blue shift (blue shift may have been valve) but all in all it keeps the story interesting.


*** IF anyone has not played EP2 then read no further ***



That scene with the G man was like something out of hollywood. Perfect timing, perfect vocals (as always), perfect camera angles and effects (like seeing him close up and sitting behind the desk at the same time. EVEN perfect gestures like when he says "She was worth far more than the original appraisal" and points his two fingers up like hes some lawyer or something.


HL is def my fav series at this point.


Excellent job at valve.


That last stand off with the striders was so hot!



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I'm pretty sure there was an allusion to Portal in HL:2 episode 2, idk if it was in the environment that you could see like a panel of some sort saying Aperture Labs or something like it but, I remember something like it that...


I guess I'll have to re-play the game to know for sure..

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yea it's in the screens when they decode the video. The traliers on the ship say "aperture labs" and have the same logo as in portal.


They will certainly sell alot of they somehow tie storylines between the two. It's a novel strategy to create such an epic game from different vantage points that you get to experience; VERY CLEVER.


I've got to get portal now, that one looks really hard.



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Ok Portal was great but SHORT!

I imagine due to experimental reasons. Why invest into a HUGE game if it turns out a flop. Making the rooms puzzles is also probably TIME consuming.


Great game.


I want something bigger and one aspect that's a bit hard is what about adding weapons and other things? If you did, the game might be too much like other shooters only with the portal gun.


So I sort of think they should not add the guns.


On the other hand, theres not a whole lot that goes on except puzzle solveing which makes it hard to create a story line.


I wouldnt mind seeing some guns in it but it probably would take away from the portal gun.

I guess I just feel it did lack a little depth.



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