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  1. Exactly what I was thinking... that's so disgusting... good thing I'm a big coke fan. I thought the phrase was "coke head".
  2. You know what they say. "You can drink an ugly girl pretty, but you can't drink a fat girl thin".
  3. dwEEziL

    Huge flowers!

    Nice pics ThruX. Your daughter sure is photogenic too.
  4. You might want to flip your PSU. I'm fairly certain the fan in the back is intake and the internal PSU fan is exhaust. If you have it down, it's gonna blow air down and the hot air will just rise back up. If you have it pointing up, then the hot air will be pulled out by your cases rear exhaust fans.
  5. Not trying to tempt you or nothing anonymo but...What's another $250.00 on $350,000?
  6. As long as you still have your ticket to ride this train.
  7. This is true to me in a couple ways. 1) I'm still waiting for 2x$30 MiR from 3dfx when I bought 2xVoodoo 2 1000's back in 1998. I sent in the rebate form and talked to them for about 8 to 10 months before I stopped getting an answer on the phone. 2) I have a banner in my cubicle at work that I got for free from a local computer company that was going out of town some years back. I'll take a pic and post it come Monday (if I remember).
  8. Pringles, less greasy Mountains or valleys?
  9. When you get older, you get a better job. I work 8-5pm M-F (with a little wiggle room at clock in/clock out).
  10. I didn't see it saying anything about a tilting mouse wheel on the product page at razerzone.com but I've never had a tilt wheel so "ignorance is bliss".
  11. dwEEziL

    Iron Man 2

    I try to not watch trailers for films I really want to see. Tends to spoil them for me.
  12. I found this "guide" to help explain "grips" http://xeonxyh.blogspot.com/2008/08/razer-mouse-guideergonomics-guide.html and another I currently use the Razer Boomslang 2007 CE and I use the "palm" grip with index finger on M1, middle on Mwheel, ring finger on M3, thumb on M4, and, if needed, pinky on M5.
  13. Darn, sorry about that X, I wasn't paying attention too well.
  14. For RAM, you can go with this. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227298&cm_sp=DailyDeal-_-20-227-298-_-Product Effectively the same price (about $5 more) and you get 8GB of ram instead of 6GB. Also, this ram has better timings. Then I'd go with a 64bit OS so you can take advantage of all of it, say a Linux build or Windows 7 RC1
  15. Imagine if I punched Preacher in the ovaries...right in the baby maker.
  16. By the 2001 version, you mean Return to Castle Wolfenstein correct? If so, I agree, this one was very sweet (multiplay was good too). For the single-player mode, I never made it past the Uber Soldat (or whatever he was called in the game) and eventually moved on but all in all it was a great game with great controls.
  17. I don't think such a place exists Preach. Ok, going way back to post #1 in this thread, I've currently been playing an MMOFPS-type game called Champions Online. It's the next version of City of Heroes and it's currently in closed Beta. I can't go into details about it because of the NDA but it's hella fun. Also, a side note about the new forum. I like it and all but I know long have the "View New Posts" link that I always used directly. I see the "View New Content" link eyeballing me but clicking on it takes me to some funky new layout and I don't have the usual "New" link so I can go directly to where the new posts begin. It makes me sad.
  18. Don't imagine why Preacher knows a word like that.
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