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Character names


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I think it would be useful to get a list of everyone's character names and their corresponding classes. While GW allowed you to add someone's account by adding them as a friend, I think it would make it easier so we know who's who without having to look them up.


Class Abbreviations - A = Assassin, D= Dervish, E = Elementalist, Mo = Monk, Me = Mesmer, N = Necromancer, P = Paragon, R = Ranger, Rt= Ritualist, W = Warrior



Allanon - Allanon Saves PvP (Mo), Allanon Book (Me/Mo), Brona Darkwalker (N/Me), Kasobi ShadowScythe (D/W), Krasta Majere (Rt/E), Lauranel Majere (Mo/E), Maria Majere (W/E), Wren Lightbringer (P/Mo)

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