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  1. Samurai was a pain to deal with as 'Virgin Samurai'... I wonder how your going to be as 'Married Samurai'?? Congrats though!!
  2. I LOVED Speedball back in the beta days, and also Estate..
  3. Hmm I'll have to shot the ground with a rocket and see if it makes a crator..
  4. Ok the game has a couple bugs, one is a endless loading screen when you are trying to join a server but I found a fix... BUT, the game is pretty dang fun!! Very similar to COD, you get to lvl up and buy perks and unlock weapons. The game has a very cool active cover system, you can peek around corners or over sand bags. EVERYTHING in the game is destructible, and I mean Everything. And a couple cool game types such as Convoy, your team drives the vehicles on a rail to the other side of the map while the other team tries to stop you or blow up the trucks.. Pretty fun for 12 bucks thats for sure..
  5. Hope it's good for $12.99! It's downloading now at 1.7megs a second, I'll let you all know if it's fun.
  6. Yeah I still play BC2, gonna get the Vietnam add on after xmas. The new maps they added this month ROCK!!
  7. Mines of Moria expansion pack is for sale in Cincinnati at Micro Center for $9.99, just bought one for my son for xmas.. They have 20 left in stock, you can order it from HERE! It gives you 5 total character slots 1 month of VIP which includes: 550 TP Points, Unlocks gold cap, extra inventory bags, riding skill, trait slots, destiny point spending on any toon you make while vip.. (If you make a new character after your vip month runs out those things wont be unlocked on that character.. Mines of Moria is unlocked, and so is Rune-Keeper and Warden..
  8. The minstril heals with his guitar.. LOL And he's pretty good, mass heals and instant heals.. I have a Rune-Keeper who also heals OR dps, but his heals are more over time..
  9. I feel for you man, I've had them all removed TWICE!! And the second time I got food in a socket and it got infected.. Dear God it was SOOO bad when it popped in my mouth with rancid puss... Go buy some disposable mini turkey basters, and squirt water into your holes several times a day...
  10. @ Jackie - Don't worry the batcave is still a secret!! Imagine the look on this smucks face when he rolled over in bed and I was in his room... I'll just say the smell when he crapped his pants was very bad.. Remember kids, don't give your steam pw to anyone! And that's 'One to Grow On'! or is it "And now you know!, and knowing is half the battle!"
  11. My Steam account got hacked a month ago.. I had to give Steam my credit card info to gain control of my account again.. I WAS FREAKED OUT!!! All that money into my library.. All is good now, my new password is one of my gun's registration numbers.. Very long pw now..
  12. Unclean, no you don't get boosted.. Other games, if you have a lower lvl person in your party you get dinged on xp because they think your power lvling.. There is no temp boost that makes you stronger, but there is also no xp penalty for having a big lvl gap in a party...
  13. I'm a officer in a Kin on that server.. BUT it sometimes gets annoying helping people all the time.. I'll make Thraxbo on Elindilmir tonight. I love my Rune Keeper and Warden, very fun to play but I want to try something new. I have not tried a burgler, minstril, or guardian yet. @ Fairweather, it plays fine on my friends laptop ($300 pos laptop) @ Unclean, it's free so it's fine for being a casual player. There is NO level gap punishment if you party with peeps higher lvl than you..
  14. I've been playing on Nimrodel, it's a darn good game for free.. My toon's are Thraxbo, Chajontuf, and Chajon..
  15. I got it a few weeks ago, I'm loving it!!
  16. Watched Mythbusters the other day, try Coke. It worked.. LOL
  17. Batman


    Over at the shell shack?? I hear the talking dog also dances..
  18. Nope, went to the first and second and then got a chick prego and it killed my concert going fun.. I can remember the shows, but just barely. It's crazy how fast those plastic glasses of beer get warm, you have to drink them fast!! Now I only go to shows she wants to see, at least she likes Weezer.. I now go to "The Wiggles" and "Barney"..
  19. It is amazing how I used to hear "oil" and I just thought Gasoline.. Until I was buying 6000 lbs of Zytel a week for injection molding small plastic parts for the auto industry, for just one product line.
  20. Batman


    What video are you linking?
  21. 4 hours till we can dl it. It looks great!
  22. I picked it up for 5 bucks on Steam, have not played it in a month or so but would be up for starting over multiplayer..
  23. Ok, so something tells me you took some slack from the future wife and your 'not aloud' to go next year??!!?? My wife has said in the past "When is MY Frag Fest?", I'm sure it's happened to someone else.. LOL
  24. I do remember a email that I ignored about my recent purchase a few years ago.. LOL Preacher, No my 15 yr old told me he killed the card last summer. The only AGP card I have that is working now is a Kyro2, I stopped using the Kyro because it did not have shader 2.0 and I wanted to play BF1942. So the card is old but works, I could put it in the mail if you want no charge..
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