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I could buy another card and go SLI on my MB 7600GT nvidia.


Is this a descent increase performance or is it better to just buy a bigger better card?


I don't want to spend much so the 7600gt is a cheap buy for the power. But if SLI does not do much...lets say like 20% increase

then I won't bother.



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the 8600GT would be a much better card than the 7600gt in SLI, my suggestion would be to up it to the 8800gt though. They have been having sales after rebate lately in the $139 range so hold off till you can swing one of them. SLIing the 2 7600's won't give you enough of a boost to be honest. The SLI set-up isn't as good as a high end card

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You can buy an 8800GT for around $169...these will def. beat a 7600GT SLI rig...or the 8600...


The 8800 is a great card for the $$$..then again, so is the radeon 3870...another good choice.


If you have a decent dual core processor, and you run at medium to low resolutions (1600 x 1200 and under...) then I would not do SLI with a 7xxx series card. Just buy a great performing, moderate price 8800 GT or GTS.

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Make sure you buy a name brand/major player, because it makes a world of difference in heat/noise/build/warrantee...


PNY, EVGA, XFX, etc...


Oh, and from my research (online benches, stuff like that...) the 4850 and 8800 GT are pretty even...I would go for the lower price.




That is the crysis bench, which is about as tough a game as they come.

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the 4850 and 8800gt are not really even. they are priced according to performance right now. i'd splurge for the 4850 as it is consistently faster than the 9800gtx and can be found for cheaper.


oh and if it's not been made clear enough already, don't bother with sli on a 7600gt. honestly, in less you're playing games at 1920 or above resolution with aa/af on then there is no need for a dual card set up at this time. ya, you can go from 60fps avg to 90 fps avg but your bottom fps will still be the same as most games at this point are limited on the bottom end either by cpu or memory bandwidth/capacity of the vid card.

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