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I am testing out this software. It is super cool. It is in beta right now. Their idea is that web 2.0 and the "cloud" is useful and all but there is a concern with our data being stored in the cloud instead locally. These guys created this app that works across all major OS's. It uses their server to act as only a middle man to link you (if you are somewhere else) to the files stored on your computer. So far, there is a built in jukebox so you can stream MP3's from wherever you have this installed. There is an app for doing only photo albums, there is also one for doing collaboration such as a calendar, inputing tasts, etc. The data is all stored on the computer that the application is installed on. You have as much space as your computer can handle and as much bandwidth as your ISP permits. It is still in beta so I imagine there are some things to be figured out but I can see a use for this. It will not be difficult to set up an .htaccess file to do some redirects from your domain based hosting to their proprietary url (http://your_unique_id.tonido.com:10001). There is also an API for others to create apps for the platform.


So far, this is looking interesting.

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interesting concept.


the advantage of the cloud is that there's redundancy built in, plus that whole access from anywhere thing. if my local machine goes down (network, hardware, software, whatever), i'm SOL.


then again, i've heard a lot of concerns about security in the cloud; look no further than PCI compliance. i dig the api, too. it's going to be interesting to see what gets built on top of this. i'm kinda surprised i hadn't heard about this yet. how'd you find it?

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That url is connecting to a folder on my system in my dropbox folder called "funny pics" They are just a few random ones that I've seen and thought were funny or ridiculous in one way or another.


I have the bandwidth set to the lowest that Tonido will let me (15K) so some of the pics may load slower such as some of the animated gifs. But this gives you an idea how it looks, etc.


With only the one app running out of the 4, I am using only 12.9 MB of RAM. You can add about 1-1.5MB for each additional app after that. With all four, my memory footprint was less than 17MB.

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Sort of confused as to what the difference between this and Dropbox is, excluding the MP3 player thing.


Enlighten me a bit more please. It's 4 am.


The data is stored ONLY on your computer. It is not a "cloud" service like dropbox. It is also specifically designed to be used in a business function. You need to get this 100MB file to someone at another company. You can basically put the file wherever you want on your system, load up Tonido, add the folder that the file is in as a share, assign a username and password, and give both to the person who needs the file. They can then download it directly from your computer. You can put a time frame that the file is available or auto-expiration as well.


Drop box is for synchronization to the cloud. Tonido is for access to files on your computer, no cloud.

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Do both people need to have Tonido installed to do the transfer? If so, it's basically Hamachi.



Nope. The sender has the software setup and installed. Then a link to the folder courtesy of the Tonido interface is sent to the person you want to access the file.

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