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MAC help needed


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So I ran Onyx on my MacBook and while it was verifying the startup drive. It said it was corrupt and to repair it by booting from the OS X install and using Disk Utility. I booted from the install disk. Ran Disk Utility and it aborted halfway thru saying it can't repair the drive. That I needed to backup all my files and reformat the drive. Then re-install OS. Problem is, it will no longer boot up when I restarted it. Just sits there at the gray apple screen with the spinning wheel below it. Is there any way I can retrieve my files? Or do I go forward with the reformat & install OS. Then restore what I can from a 3 month old Time Machine backup?


Any and all help is appreciated

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Can you pull the drive and access it from another machine? That would be the easiest way. Another way would be to run Umbuntu from your optical drive and use flash drives/ cd or dvd burns to get your info.

QFT, although I would be somewhat surprised if the HD on that thing was somewhat easily accessible. Mystery box that "just works", and all.

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Ok, went by the Apple store. They determined the hd was borked. They said they would replace it under the Apple Extended Care and reload the OS for me if I wanted them to. But, they would only put the same size hd that it had. And I would have to leave it for the day and hope they had time to get to it. And they would do it free of charge. Well I had already purchased a new bigger hd that I wanted to use. And they were fine with that. I asked if they had anyway I could get my files off my existing hd. They wouldn't really help with this, because they don't offer that service any longer. But, they let me borrow one of their external hd's with a boot system on it to get my mac up and running. I was then able to hook up my external hd and copy all my files from the borked hd to my external drive. I just installed the new hd and am in the process of reloading the OS.


Quite the learning experience. After I get everything back to normal, I will do a backup. Then create my own boot system on another external hd in case I should need to do this again. Thumbs up to the folks at the Apple Store.

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