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I played this last weekends open beta for Marvel Heroes. It wasn't bad. Looks to be a decent dungeon crawler. Played Iron Man and downed the first 4 "bosses." Anyone else play or interested in playing?



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Although I am a big marvel fan, when it comes to games dc universe online gets my attention more than marvel heroes. I was excited for marvel heroes but after playing the beta its just honestly a piece of crap.



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Looking at the character list, why is Magneto a villain and Cyclops a hero? Cyclops is more Magneto than Magneto. Sucks that I can't play as Dr. Doom or Magneto I guess I'll try Nova when the game is out :D


"Recent" Cyclops is more like traditional Magneto, but I'm guessing developers stuck with the traditional Cyclops characterization to avoid confusing general audiences (people who watched the films).


I played both open beta weekends and completed all 8 chapters, minus a few, non-vital missions in Chapter 8. Played as Hulk, Punisher, Spiderman, Iron Man, Deadpool, Daredevil, Black Widow, Captain America, and Colossus to varying levels.


This is the most balanced criticism I've heard about the game so far:


My personal requests: make the difficulty harder, create action set pieces that are more diverse in terms of mechanics, experiment with level design, etc. There were a couple other problems I saw during beta, but they've either been addressed in interviews or I'm assuming they're being taken care of (i.e. bugs).


The good news is they're still modifying the game from what I've seen in closed beta videos. Whether or not it will be polished enough by launch is anyone's guess.

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