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  1. Is anyone else planning to buy Dragon Age 3?

    1. Biggs



    2. BlackYoshi


      I'm going to wait for the Christmas sale, hopefully it will be included but maybe not.

  2. ^ The reason why i ocassionally read the GC forums
  3. AvengersSR, add me to it please.
  4. Yes, i will be there. But I will also be one of the last few people to buy a ticket, as it depends on the date i fly out of London.
  5. Avengers


    Anybody still playing Simcity? I downloaded the game once again hoping to maybe give it another shot... If anyone is intrested, let me know and we can create a GC region so eveyrone can join
  6. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!
  7. Is it during July/August this year too? if yes, then i will be there You wanna go every year, but you never end up going lol besides you sure you won't be too busy ???
  8. P.S. Let the meme spam begin!
  9. Avengers


    I will play this game, when they release the next version of Simcity. Compared to the future release, this one MAY make me happy
  10. LMAO Drow just got even more buffed....gotta love that!
  11. "Vengers....Nothing rhymes with Avengers" - TheDude.gc LOL, thanks for thinking of a signature for me
  12. I would love to play another tournament...honestly i hate waiting 3 days for the opposition to make a move though!
  13. if (Admin == "Online") { println("Votekick not allowed! Contact admin to assess the situation."); } else{ if(Player ="New") { println("Ask player to stop. And inform them of the rules!"); } else { println("Kick him"); } }
  14. uhhhh "Peanut is Admin" = LOL!
  15. I have been meaning to try out Dead Space 3, can i have that one please
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