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Fallout 4 - Requirements


Can I Play This?  

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Desktop: Core2Duo circa 2007   :(

Notebook: i5 (2nd Gen) circa 2011/12 (just hits the min reqs) :)


Desktop: Nvidia 8800GTS 512 circa 2007 :(

Notebook: Dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6490m 512 :(


Desktop: 6 gig

Notebook: 8 gig


The i5 requirement seems like no big deal these days though people working on oc'd i3 rigs are in for some disappointment.


8 for the pc and 2 for the card (4 recommended). My have times changed.


Nutz. I'm gonna have to live off Twitch streams to get my jones.

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I'm playing it, but having video capture software in the background I think is makin' it lag a bit during fights/in cities.  I'm okay with a little lag here and there, but I heard the game on PC is lagging more than console.  I applied the November patch for Nvidia, and that did seem to help.  I might have to sell a kidney or two for a better computer. :)

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