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FFO 2016 Info


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It's that time!

FragFest 2016!


When: July 7th - July 10th


WhereClarion Inn and Conference Center

6625 Dean Memorial Parkway

Hudson, OH, 44236 - USA


How much: $70/person and $70/room night

(Using special code FragFest 2016 with hotel)


Tee-Shirts: Yes, design is still in progress


What do I need: Yourself and your computer


Under 21: An additional waiver will be waiting for you when you arrive


Under 17: Please contact us and we will sort out what you need to be able to attend


Rules: Be careful, you don’t want to break anything

Don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you

There are no food or drink restrictions but coolers must be kept in the hospitality room, which will be located right next to event room

Try not to download during event or do it later when there aren’t many people on

Have fun


Internet: The hotel has a dedicated T1 line with about 20 down 5 up


Anything other than computer games: Anyone is more than welcome to bring board games and consoles with games.

There will be round tables set for board games and usually there are poker games going.




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