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  1. Little late on this thread, but I swear by Razer's products. Usually a little higher than your pricepoint, but mt first product was a razer diamondback and that sucker lasted almost 10yrs of gaming before the left click was no longer rebounding. It still works mind you, just doesn't push back up like it's supposed to. I now have a Razer black widow keyboard, a Naga mouse and the super cool LED firefly mousepad. GL with whatever you decide/have decided on!!!
  2. If you can keep it going until 4am I'll be there!! Sorry gotta work Saturday night
  3. MrMustard


    MMO Sandbox/Survival...or Ark with Wizards no dinos lol got several peeps playing if anyone else is considering.
  4. Anyone returning from last year or restarting the GC League??
  5. I know she reached her goals on gofundme and headed out. Hope she's finding what she needs.
  6. I thought it was a good listen.
  7. MrMustard

    Next Wipe

    I'm down for whatever. Didn't get a lot of time the last wipe due to events at work, but looking forward to the next one.
  8. I think we got room for ya ZD. Niv, keymaster, tomatoes, you and I. That would be 5. We're all rejects it seams. I'm not going to be more active until after superbowl, but its' on then!!
  9. I'm down for whatever everyone decides. I'll be somewhat absent this weekend though. Superbowl will be dominating everything I do for the next 3 days.
  10. I play with an I-5 and a GTX 680 with "Beautiful" settings. No issues
  11. He actually wasn't complaining that time. Just confused; maybe they sound the same?! or ARE the same o.O
  12. FYI as of 1/18 rust.io has still not updated maps to reflect the added harbors. Not sure what the issues are, but I haven't dug much into it. So 1 they don't mach the current server and 2 the seeds we are looking at for the next server will be inaccurate as well. ew...
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