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Ear Operation


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10th October - 2nd ear operation - and hopefully the final one.  The pain and noise is unbearable, told that would last for about 3weeks.

That's why I ain't been around for a week, noises are seriously amplified, especially electrical equipment around G# - thus wearing headphones is out of the question - wish I could record the sound, but suffice it to say, put your head inside a washing machine on a full load at fast spin, now you hear that; it's constant unmitigated torture - I haven't got the courage to cut my ear off, unlike van Gogh.

Had about 10seconds of wonderful peace in my head yesterday, and no, I don't hear scary voices.

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Just got home after spending 9hours in hospital - good news is that infection has cleared, but bad new is that I got to wait for another 3-4 months for operation - I could have it tomorrow if I paid privately at a cost of around $4K, but I'm not going down that route - besides not having the funds, I'm against privatisation of our NHS - and if USA pharma industries get their bloody hands on it, I will incite revolution and pinch our tea back.

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I will be quick if I have the $4K to pay for it, otherwise it will be a 3 to 4 month wait, but by that time, the infection could spread to my other ear and if these new antibiotics don't take control; as a final resort as having to wait for so long, it is only 50% chance that the operation will be successful - unless I have it now, I'll be the new Beethoven for the 21st Century, never get to perform or hear my music again.  Until then  - if I can't play the piano anymore to an audience, my Soul bleeds a thousand tears and I fear for my life.  To change that, I can only offer 1 song if anyone was going to that change humanity :  Otherwise, I'm going through the turmoil of never being able to hear music again.


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Ear operation cancelled - surgeon doing private work no doubt. Hearing so bad my compound triple time is syncopated on a double dotted semiquaver performing a diabolical fugal counterpoint arabesque in the style of a fast spinning washing machine about to take off into orbit

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