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Are Emergency Escapes Broken Now?


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Hey, I just wanted to double-check because I have this as recorded proof:


I finally got caught within the last 30 seconds of this fun clip, and I CLEARLY bought an emergency escape here; but it didn’t work.

Normally, I’d ignore this error because the buy menu isn’t always going to function or register; but this is the 3rd time TODAY that the emergency buy failed on me.

There were no nearby 2nd SI attacking me when I got pinned for at least 2 of those 3 instances; so I should’ve escaped here since I spent those 10 points.

Does the emergency escape suddenly not work now?


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GC Board Member

Carlos mate I BEG YOU to stream in at LEAST 480p - if not 720p30 - I see you getting decent frames in game so I think your system can manage
That was tough to watch lmao, if you want some help with OBS reach out to me I'll help u out no problem

For the emerg, yea idk what happened there - isn't there usually a confirmation after you purchase that says you activated it?
Looks like it subtracted your points but didn't activate for whatever reason..

Could be an issue in code with how it's being activated and executed.

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Yea, I fixed my resolution last week, Soda.

Here is a recent clip post-change:


Do you know how to make my mic volume louder?

For some reason, my streams capture the voices of everyone else on Discord perfectly; but yet the volume of my mic is MUCH lower compared to my Discord friends + the actual gameplay.

It's a desktop computer (Mac 10.15 Catalina) btw.

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GC Board Member

That looks 1000 times better, nice work B)

I'm not sure which application you stream through, but in OBS it looks like you can boost Mic volume:

Just click the three dots next to the level and click Advanced Audio Properties:


Here you can increase or decrease either the Desktop Audio or Mic, either by Decibel or Percentage:



Hope this helps :boing:

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