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  1. Hey hey - played CS yesterday with bullet-4o1, rustytang and a few others at a LAN. Had a blast. Gosh I miss the old days.
  2. Gunman

    CsLs + LaG?

    Let's do this! I will update my CS this week sometime - whenever I can escape from work and unpacking the new place.
  3. Gunman

    CsLs + LaG?

    Where my Lunatics at?!
  4. Where is Bodhi? We need the buff bot for Redeyez!
  5. Wow some old school guys here...
  6. Hi again. Hard to believe its been nearly 11 years since the 5v5 scriMmmms we would have...
  7. Gunman

    What to do...

    Just a final cap on this story, I ended up marrying her August 27th, 2010. I know its totally a resurrection of the topic but its funny how it all worked out between the two of us.
  8. Lets see how many of the originals we can stir up...yerm0th3r isnt allowed to play! <3 Post here if you have an early forum join date! (Or if you just wanna say hi)
  9. Whats up Longhair! Gratz on getting married! Good to see another friendly face still posting on these forums - I recognize everyone who replied here so far woot!
  10. Gunman


    Hey everyone, just thought I would swing and see what is goin on around here! Glad to see the greatest gaming community I have ever been a part of is still alive and kicking! I am thinking of picking up my guns and coming back to Counterstrike - just gotta finish building my new desktop! Maybe I will be seeing you all in game shortly
  11. Lol. I win at the internetz. P.S. I miss u fatty - please love me
  12. Did a search of google.com for "bwarbly" and a post I made here 3 years ago popped up. Whats up everyone? lol
  13. houston didn't win that game Yeah...sadly I reposted that about a minute before the ended up losing... I love games like that, but I had to have a drink right after....WOW
  14. HAHHA i made that reply with 3 minutes left in the houston tennesee game and somehow houston scored 15 points to win the game! 4-3! HALF WAY THROUGH WOOT WOOT
  15. 3-4 after the first games of the day....oh noes! Detroit fubared me!
  16. Baltimore at Buffalo New England at Miami Atlanta at New Orleans San Francisco at NY Giants Arizona at Washington Tennessee at Houston Tampa Bay at Detroit Kansas City at Oakland NY Jets at Cincinnati Minnesota at Dallas Chicago at Philadelphia St. Louis at Seattle Pittsburgh at Denver Indianapolis at Jacksonville
  17. Prolly gonna be the only one to pick Atlanta over the Giants...all I can say about the pick is that the Giants are extremely overrated and they need to get killed by a team that by general consensus, well, sucks.
  18. Minnesota at Chicago Miami at Cleveland Washington at Green Bay Cincinnati at Kansas City Tennessee at Tampa Bay St. Louis at Baltimore Houston at Jacksonville Philadelphia at NY Jets Carolina at Arizona Oakland at San Diego New England at Dallas New Orleans at Seattle NY Giants at Atlanta
  19. Addai is out. I have faith that Peyton will keep it close even without the top 3 other players on their team. Colts offensive line will have a tough time against TB and Peyton wont get sacked much - but I predict 2 picks, both leaving TB in near redzone position. A hurried Peyton is a vulnerable Peyton, he is an amazing QB but I don't think he can do it himself. If Addai plays look for the score to be about 3 pts apart at the end of the game, as of now Addai is OUT so I say 7 pts.
  20. Miami at Houston Atlanta at Tennessee Jacksonville at Kansas City NY Jets at NY Giants Carolina at New Orleans Arizona at St. Louis Cleveland at New England Seattle at Pittsburgh Detroit at Washington San Diego at Denver Baltimore at San Francisco Chicago at Green Bay Dallas at Buffalo After my 0-1 start on upset specials I decided to make this one an extra large upset : Tampa Bay at Indianapolis --- Indy is gonna be down at least 4 starters this coming week, including Marvin Harrison and Bob Sanders on defense. Bob Sanders is the anchor of their defense and so I am going with Tampa, by 7.
  21. My upset couldn't have turned out any worse...lol Wasn't really a prediction I guess; was just hoping that the Packers would be the last remaining undefeated team in the NFC.
  22. Houston at Atlanta NY Jets at Buffalo Baltimore at Cleveland Chicago at Detroit Oakland at Miami Green Bay at Minnesota Seattle at San Francisco Tampa Bay at Carolina Pittsburgh at Arizona Kansas City at San Diego Denver at Indianapolis Philadelphia at NY Giants New England at Cincinnati UPSET : St. Louis at Dallas
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