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  1. I am stuck in India for a few months with work so I haven't been keeping up to date and this was not news I was expecting when I did come online. How terribly, terribly sad. It seems today the world needs all the good guys it can get and I see we lost another. Been a while since I've been on any of the servers but I remember some good times with DNA. RIP
  2. Beautiful, our local BMW dealership has one (they have a selection of either limited editions or classics on display at times).
  3. Not sure if it was the one I sent you a couple of years ago, just dug out the email and pinged it back again (hopefully your email is still the same).
  4. Maybe to Ohio this summer? I try to get the family back to the UK for 3 weeks every summer and that has made it challenging for the last few years (between that, family and work it has been a challenge), but I'll take a look at dates, have been hoping to make a FF since I found GC in 2004
  5. Well just got back from the Christmas road-trip, took my car and put 3,500 miles on her in the last 2 weeks.... Wife and 2 of the kids loaded up with all our belongings, 20 hours each way (Dallas to SoCal return) and she was faultless, although the snow/ice outside Las Cruces/El Paso did 2 things: 1) reinforce the fact I need a new set of rear tires (very pleased it wasn't a heavily worn set of OEM summer run flats, but a set of heavily worn all season Michelins) 2) reinforce the fact a real wheel drive Bimmer is not the ideal vehicle for driving on roads that are sheet ice when surrounded by 18 wheelers (some rather tense moments) The time behind the wheel did however renew my love for my car (I work from mostly from home so haven't done a lot of miles in her over the last 12 months), and made me commit to some long weekend road trips this year
  6. Love them We've had BMWs in the family for a few years, my dad had an E24 M635CSI and followed that with an E38 735 (with a gap in between where he had a JanSpeed Jaguar XJ40 and a XJS TWR which he still has). My mother still drives a X5 3.0 diesel (single turbo, they're in Europe ). My brother had an e46 M3 convertible for a while and while it was nice, really the only thing I can recall about it was just how uncomfortable a ride it was. I have a friend with a e46 330 convertible and honestly it's a much easier car to ride in. Of course my brother now has an E63 AMG and I honestly think he'll struggle to find anything with a roundel on it that will give him the "thrill" he gets in that (puts my 335 to shame). Oh and I've heard the ride in the E46 M3 coupe is significantly better than the convertible.
  7. Love the E30 and more than partial to your buddies E36. I had an E36 318is that I replaced with an E36 M3 GT Limited (otherwise known as the GT2), they only built 50 as the last right hand drive ones they sold. I replaced the original mirrors with AC Schnitzer ones after I had two sets of the originals stolen, but otherwise completely stock. I had to let it go when I moved to the US 9 years ago and it's the only thing I wish I'd brought over with me Currently driving a stock 2007 335ci which I'll most likely get the Dinan S2 upgrade for when I find myself being tempted by something new, and my wife has a black e39 525 wagon (no photos to hand)
  8. Good recommendation, I'd picked them up before you posted as I'd heard a lot of good things. Played the first few "chapters" on Dead Space last night. Enjoying it so far.
  9. I think the OE tires are summer Dunlops with something like a 200 wear rating, you could put a set of Michelin all seasons on there with a 350-400 wear rating, spend 2/3's as much, notice little difference in traction and get more miles out of them. I'm was lucky to get 12K out of the OE high performance summers on the rear of mine, switched out to Michelin all seasons. I've noticed a drop in traction at the absolute limit in the summer, but it makes the car better to drive this time of year and costs about $500 less when I have to change tires which I'm guessing will be after about 20-25K based on how they're wearing (they are apparently warranted to 45K miles or something so I may get a rebate when they need changing, not sure how that works)....
  10. It sounds like you're looking at pretty much new. If I had the requirements you have above, I'd actually be inclined to look at a 2-3 year old CPO BMW 328xi (wagon or sedan). It's far from being slow c. 6 second 0-60, the straight six sounds great and you could probably pick one up that was nicely equipped between 28 and 35K, up to your 38K budget even a 335xi (a very capable all year car). With the new shape 3 series coming out in the new year, you'd probably also be able to get a great deal on a new one. Full disclosure, I have a 335 coupe and my wife drives an older 525 wagon so we're a BMW family and both love our cars, but honestly with the CPO program and the ability to extend the 0 cost maintenance program etc. it's not a bad option. I also know some people would rather walk than be seen driving a BMW......... I'm a sucker for the WRX STI if the truth be told and it would be a hell of a good choice, but having had "hot hatches" in the past I know that at least for me the fun factor wears thin when I have do more miles than my daily commute.
  11. Been travelling for the last couple of days, will be back online tonight and over the weekend...
  12. I know it's a 6-7 hr drive to Dallas from you, but I've got some great slow cooked ribs with peach and bourbon bbq sauce about to come off the grill Stutters.......
  13. However, I'm feeling lonely in here, didn't realize there was a web browse in Origin until now
  14. Just joined, very happy to see it up and running.. However, I have a feeling that we're going to struggle initially to get it populated when you need 8 people in there before you can even move from the spawn, there were only 2 of us..... Can we get the minimum player count dropped to 2 or 4, so we can at least get a game going? Thanks
  15. I've been on servers that seem to rotate b/w conquest and rush, any reason we couldn't?
  16. Not if you're playing it on an 8800 GTX like myself, the fact I feel like I'm playing Soldier of Fortune 2 from a graphics standpoint (it doesn't look anywhere near as good as BFBC2 for example) and am still loving it says quite a lot about the gameplay. I will be upgrading in the near future, I'm sure it will feel even more awesome....
  17. Have it on the 360, I'm in the same state though.... Forza 4, Battlefield 3, Skyrim etc. etc. etc. and have no idea how, short of sending my wife and kids away for an extended period and quiting work going to play them all........... could they not spread them out better. I will say that it is as good as AA and feels very similar, don't regret the purchase at all, in fact, it'll be one of those games that needs at least 2 playthroughs to see and do everything.... They took everything that was so great in AA and improved on it where they could.
  18. Well, I have BF3 sat in a nicely sealed box behind me here in my office. Will be installing later today and figuring out whether I am going to have to throw money at a PC to play it sensibly...... OriginID: LevGC
  19. And now for a PC Vs PS3 comparison http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGbo50Ar420&feature=player_embedded
  20. Advice received and plans put on hold for a couple of weeks, seeing as how someone kindly clipped the corner of my car in the lot outside the office sometime between me parking up at 8:15 and me being told about it at 8:25 it may be just as well....
  21. A very valid point (although I think there's an additional $55 in mail in rebates) and I hadn't factored in that my original plan had a SSD double the size + a 1tb data drive. The other issue I see is that the 570 they are quoting is, according to the website, out of stock. Not that I'm looking to build something tomorrow. Seems like I may be better off going with very nearly my original wishlist and picking a single 570 (boiler, appreciate your feedback on that and it would save me $150 off my original list) or 580 and then a second when the prices come down/if I need to...
  22. Hi, I have been looking at doing a new build and had put together a wish list on Newegg including 560ti's in SLI, but saw this bundle deal today and am curious on thoughts: Bundle Deal Not a huge fan of the bundled True image or antivirus, but it seemed a reasonable price? As a reference point, this was the wish list I had put together earlier this year which I didn't have a shared wishlist for: NZXT Phantom case ASRock P67 Extreme Mobo 2x MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr Intel Core i7-2600K Intel 510 (Elm Crest) 120GB SSD Corsair CMPSU-850TX PSU 8GB G.Skill Ripjaw RAM WD Caviar Black 1TB Lite-On DVD-ROM Cooler Master Hyper 212 Would currently run at $1697 incl. rebates. Neither of the above include an OS, it's a given that I'll obviously need one. I have a 27 inch Samsung at 1920x1080 (no multiple monitor setup) and am looking for something that would do similar service to my current rig which I put together in late 2007 but is now starting to struggle with newer games bearing in mind I'll likely be playing a lot BF3 (which is the main reason for looking at a new build), but would like some feedback from the collective brain that is GC. If I'm way off the mark/hugely out of date with the above please let me know, I'd be willing to go up to $2K for something that is going to give me a couple of years of pain/upgrade free gaming but would be happier the more change I got back obviously. Thanks Lev
  23. They dropped planes for the two Bad Company games (I still play BC2/BC2:Vietnam more than anything else at the moment though), but I'm looking forward to the return of prone and the air combat.
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