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  1. Darn, I was going to diagnose this: Stupidity for not going to the doctor immediately.
  2. eMachines M6809 or M6810 at Best Buy. $1100-1400. Athlon64 goodness, link. That said, if you are buying a laptop with your own money to do work on because they won't buy you a better laptop, then you're screwy in the head. If it's that important to the job then they should spring for the laptop or they're a crummy company.
  3. Is this the X800 Pro modded to an X800 XT card, or a real one?
  4. I'll wait until you successfully do yours first.
  5. Hmmm, that's what I had to do to get into Mmmm.
  6. That lady is demonic.
  7. Moss, you really need to counter-attack by standing up for yourself. She had the baby, you Nair'd your chest. You're even. You need to stand firm now, or you'll never hear the end of it. Next, it'll be the whole, "I was pregnant for 9 months!" Don't fall for it. It was a single event, just like your hair removal. She'll have to have another kid if she wants anything else.
  8. If this card doesn't work as RAID I would do one of the following, in order of cost: 1) Try the card in non-RAID as extra IDE connectors if you need the extra connectors. If you don't then junk the card. 2) Spend the ~$45 on a Highpoint card. 3) Get a new mobo with RAID, looks to be $87+. 4) Get a new mobo with RAID - an Athlon64 socket 754 mobo. $90-160 mobo and A64's start at $185 for a 2800+. If you have PC3200 RAM then you're golden, if you have only PC2700 or less it will run at a slower speed, or Corsair VS cas=2.5 RAM is $82 per 512mb stick. A64's don't run "dual-DDR" so one stick is fine for starters, although I highly suggest 1gb. The last two might have possibilites for selling parts, building a second PC, or a PC for the wife.
  9. This is happening from home and work. I'll go postal if I can't connect to Newegg! Hmmm, I tried to ping it. No luck.
  10. I haven't been able to log onto Newegg for over 24 hours. I did install Spybot and did their immunize thing. It's now a day later and I still can't get on so I uninstalled and rebooted. Is the Egg just down?
  11. The driver you load at the F6 prompt is sometimes followed by a driver within Windows for whatever chipset would be on the card. It might not have one and not be required. You could look in your Newegg order status and look up you old order to get the model of card. An exclaimation point in the Device Manager would be one thing if there was a conflict, but to view if it is sharing a resource go to View, Resources by Type, then IRQ. IIRC the PCI slot right next to the AGP slot shares an IRQ with the AGP slot. I'm not 100% on this, but if it was it might have some issues. I tend to put any PCI cards at least one slot away from the AGP slot. Moving it may require a reinstall though, backup first if you want to mess with this.
  12. I missed this earlier. Yes, your setup is crap! It's been a while since I've used an IDE add-in card, never used a RAID one. Is there a driver that you needed to install at the beginning of Windows installation - the "F6 thing"? Is there a driver for Windows that needs to be installed? Is the PCI card sharing an IRQ with something? (check device manager) Describe the IDE cable setup and jumpering of the drives. What add-in card are you using? I would guess on ATTO you should be getting 55-75 MB/sec. (Although this might be limited by the PCI bus to 66MB/sec, I'm not totally familiar with how using an RAID add-in card is limited on the PCI bus.)
  13. What is still "there"? If you know the virus name look it up on http://securityresponse.symantec.com/
  14. I have a Linksys 802.11g w/Speedbooster model and it regularly connects at 125mbps. Seems to work great. I did have to fiddle with the channel (1-11 I think) to get where my neighbors wireless network/2.4ghz phone/microwave/whatever didn't disconnect me a couple of times per day, but after a couple of days of changing channels I'm all set. I have all security stuff enabled from this article.
  15. I was reading in some other forums this morning about this and it looks like the 6800 (non-GT) is a pretty good value for ~$280. I'd suggest the 6800 if you can't quite swallow the $400 and up price tag of the highest end cards but want more longevity than a 9800 Pro.
  16. You can always go to Symantec and look up a virus.
  17. Apparently they are going to have an open beta later this year. EBGames lists a ship date of October 15th.
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