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  1. mrs. fatty > PDO she sounds awesome...why has it taken her so long to post?
  2. too bad i dont play with you often sanders...if was always fun, especially way back cal-o days (this is teh colonel i hope ) ill be around if you cant fill the spots but im sure there are enough guys hanging around to fill em
  3. which both have been beaten by the patriots
  4. if TO plays it will only be becuase andy reid wants him to be a distraction i dont think he will be anywhere close to 100% (then again 50% is still better then the rest of the stinky eagles recivers)
  5. hahah i saw that and was mad when the tv cameras went away from him
  6. how many blades does this have? ROFLCOPTERx3
  7. lol...noone cared, it seemed you came quickly it was funny cuz we bragged how we were able to kill the mygot hackers (i killed em 3 times!!!)
  8. why was the other thread closed? This is where the score wont reflect the game. I think the pats will pretty much have a good offensive game as long as brady doesn't throw any interecptions. That would really hurt them. The pats defense will dominate but pitt will put togather around two very long drives running the ball and making small passes with ben. The defense though will get 1-2 interceptions and one will be a big return. If the pats could control the colts offense they can control the steelers wide recivers (who are good but a just a step down from the big three in indy). Corey dillion must have a good game and will. this will open up the deadly short passing game of the pats that not only eats up time but also eats up yards/field position. The snow wont make to much of a difference since the pats thrive on it and pitt shouldnt be to affected but it could effect the kicking game. And we all know who the best clutch kicker in the game is...not to mention also in the snow. pats 27 steelers 17 Now the game that really matters. If philly doesnt win, their fans could come out of the stands and start beating up the players. Since i hate mcnabb so much and i hate the eagles i am rather biased in this game. The falcons will get their sack on and get to mcnabb at least 3 times during this game (including on in the crucial fourth quarter drive to tie). The eagles recievers are nothing without TO and westbrook is the only guy that i can see that can making plays with his feet to beat the falcons. Mcnabb will only have a medicore game and the falcons will score a touchdown on defense or special teams and be put inside the eagles 30 at least once on a interception or kick return. Vick and the falcons wont have an easy time on offense. Vick needs to not turn the ball over. Their high powered running attack will benefit them in the snow. Warrick dunn and duckett will need to control the ball (i love dunn, one of my favorite running backs [woo woo fsu]). This game really comes down to if vick can get 100+ yards running and ducket/dunn combined get another 100 yards or vick gets his passing game on. THe eagles will put 8+ men in the box to stop the run so vick needs to be passing. Watch for crumpler to have a huge game but i think that one wide reciever may need to step up also. falcons 31 eagles 20 (this score is inflated...if eagles win it will be a lower scoring game) ========== edit sorry for that being so long
  9. i think it was shep not lunk man those guys were crazy speed hacks, wall hacks and they spammed like crazy
  11. it was the day after i hit the curb...actually no different thing i hit the curb once and really screwed up my wheel but this one was in the winter when i was sliding on ice...instead of hitting the car in front of me i chose the curb...the next day my tire was flat how does SaN know that about me ========== o and when i said the flat was underinflated i meant my spare tire was underinflated
  12. just do what i do and bind the mic to something that is hard to reach
  13. i changed my flat tire once....and then noticed that the spare tire was extremely underinflated....after i changed it woo
  14. it would be more weird if he was talking about himself in the thrid person
  15. im gonna go watch requiem for a dream
  16. i heard the movie bombed
  17. huhuh?

    Mega millions

    only 150 in connecticut its like 10 or 15k
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