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  1. I think the map will dictate which M4 I use. ie dust2 I like using the m4a1-s, while on nuke I like using the m4a4
  2. I've been seen some crazy looking weapons on the market, though a lot have unreal pricing. http://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/730/%E2%98%85%20Flip%20Knife%20%7C%20Fade%20%28Minimal%20Wear%29
  3. all you need is a headshot first round, I stick with the p2000 as well first round
  4. Not sure if anyone was tracking this, but it looks like the silencer is finaly coming out: https://twitter.com/...704260630589441 Also, there is speculation on an item shop being implemeted. Possibly new skins and camos? https://twitter.com/...017565929082880 There's a lot of chatter happening right now. Some people are angry, others are excited, but no one knows exactly the full exctent of the update until it comes out.
  5. doesn't sound familiar. a dirt diving board you say?
  6. i believe that it belongs to amertrash
  7. I haven't been on in a while to secure my place. I'm guessing my chests are picked clean.
  8. I haven't had too much of a problem with the recoil, though I know it's not as tight as it was in CSS.
  9. Nah, it's back to the 3 body hit kill like it should be.
  10. I'll be thinking of you guys while i eat sand in Afghanistan. Sounds like its gonna be an awesome time, have fun!
  11. Any news on when the new bukkit will be in?
  12. I have 1 copy as well. I want people to play with
  13. I remember there used to be a vote option for that
  14. ahh, I love watching a few days of hard work be burnt to the ground with lava... :puppy_dog_eyes:
  15. Where are the majestic mountains?
  16. probably a good idea. It feels way too short, I just want to keep watching!
  17. I'm not sure if there are any big Halo fans in here, but 343 Industries is doing a web series on YouTube building up to the launch of the new game. New episodes are being released every Friday, the 3rd being released today. For something on YouTube, it's pretty top notch. Here is the first episode. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfJVgXBfSH8&feature=share&list=SPAE1F854F00D8E6AC
  18. decided to buy the game but it seems like the server is full
  19. I'm gone on a work trip for the next 3 weeks, but when I get back I'll hit you guys up. Ive been putting in quite a few Dota 2 hours over the past month.
  20. I actually like using the new cross-hair (static - yellow) because of the multicolor. I can always see my cross-hair no matter what surface I'm looking at.
  21. Definitely beat me. I only scored a 92 What is your current occupation and what are you trying to do? And from that, what are your expectations of the Army (if you have any)? I'm currently an active duty medic, so I could possibly answer some of your questions and I'm sure that Preacher has a wealth of information that surpasses me.
  22. I heard real men use the scout... I mean the SSG 08. You heard wrong.
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