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  1. I have an iBook G4 1.42Ghz 14" collecting dust, mid-2005 model running 10.5 that I'd happily sell if she doesn't mind something that old. If you're looking for newer and cheap I'd suggest getting a PC laptop and just putting OS X on it, just look at OSx86 for compatible models.
  2. One thing to note is the old world will be funky at best when you explore new areas as the 1.8 terrain generator is far different and where it generates new chunks from unexplored areas it'll leave large cliffs/gouges. There is an early python script to do terrain smoothing to help at least reduce it. Also cool, a new cartograph software written in Python/OpenGL that is designed to render caves well, and looks cool in general, just unfinished.
  3. Yea I'm up for the new map as well, just dont think I'm gonna play till the new one comes out now.
  4. Not that hard, just uses lots of iron. Main line runs from DF/Boiler's castle to my place, probably 90% laid out now(ridable one-way) using probably around 1000 iron. And yea I'd like everyone to have a stop but automatic ones with cart dispensers are large. Probably shaz and san on stop #1, peklz's trap on stop #2, shift's place on #3, a branch to brr's place on #4, then my place for now. Takes about 3-4 minutes to ride the length of it, bit scary at night now too.
  5. It's just straight up SQL, not Delphi(which I'd assume would look like Pascal/TurboPascal, but I've never seen code for it myself). Looks like MS SQL syntax, never seen/played with Sybase myself.
  6. Das Keyboard Ultimate Last keyboard you'll ever need, mechanical keys, no labeling, no stupid LCD or "media" buttons. If you go thrifting you can find one of these without much work. You can find Model Ms on eBay too but for the price you're better off just buying a Das Keyboard. Not pretty but the original mechanical keyboard, will last you for the rest of your life. PS/2(maybe AT too?) only.
  7. Two rampant cheaters on the server right now, if an admin would like to stop by # 199 "CEVO PROFESSIONAL" STEAM_0:0:33212430 01:32 115 0 active # 200 "CAL PROFESSIONAL" STEAM_0:1:24101589 01:10 58 0 active vovik is there with it and skesis along with some other regulars
  8. mmmkay. I've never seen anyone kicked without a warning(even people blatantly breaking the rules) , muchless kicked for rejoining right way. Not to mention I had person on my friends list talking to you that said you'd unban me if I "apologized".
  9. So tonight I was banned by an admin after I crashed and timed out and he asked why I retried to which I responded "hl2 crashed doofus"(watch the console, you'll see "amertrash timed out"). All in all pretty funny considering I almost never break the rules(other then TKing ninja/korean a bit which is pretty mutual), that numerous regulars I play with break the rules all the time, that I know and talk to quite a few of the admins, that I've been a regular here for a year and a half or so, or that there was no warning just an instant ban. The fact that the use of the word "doofus" is apparently a deep enough offense to instantly banned without warning is pretty awesome. Good Job.
  10. amertrash


    Yea just find someone on your friends list that is or knows an admin - even samurai is on mine, tho I regret it, the jerkface.
  11. If you just unplugged it without doing "Safely remove hardware first" you shouldn't have gotten that corruption(or any) on a FAT32 drive. If you were writing to it maybe, but even that is unlikely for a FAT32 drive. If it just corruption more then likely you damaged the MFT from the sounds of it - don't write anything else to the drive, as if the MFT is pointing to the wrong blocks on those files you'll start randomly overwriting them. You start with trying Recuva(http://www.piriform.com/recuva), its simple, free, and will scavenge the drive looking for blocks of data that are no longer referenced in the MFT and hopefully reassemble them. I can get you a copy of Restorer Pro(http://www.restorer2000.com/) if you'd like to try it. Kinda of crappy software but occasionally will get data back, you should probably also test the drive make sure it isn't a hardware issue, I'd use SeaTools and if it starts finding bad blocks then immediately cancel it and try to pull any remaining data. For SeaTools remove the drive from the USB case and plug it in to ATA/SATA and use the self booting SeaTools disk(http://www.seagate.com/staticfiles/support/seatools/SeaToolsDOS217EURO.ISO). Good Luck.
  12. amertrash


    As the others said I was just talking crap - it's more or less my thing, most people know not to take it seriously like when I call someone a jerkface after shooting me in the head 14 times in a row. I did check for admin for you, and got one on shortly after you left. Whenever someone causes trouble on the server I message one of the ten or so admins I have on my friends list to help keep the server free of bozos(other then me).
  13. "Oh, that's another question... does RAM use the first channel fully before starting in on the second?" The system will simply see the RAM as one large array, and it will utilize it as such. As for the 4GB RAM limit it isn't a 32 bit problem, it's microsoft just limiting maximum ram. Anything since the Pentium Pro supports PAE(Processor Address Extention) or PSE(as the Pentium 3 or later), giving you 36 bits of addressing. If you're running Windows with Data Execution Prevention, then you're even using PAE as the NX bit(required for DEP) is part of it. However Windows XP(and Vista 32bit) don't support PAE/PSE other then for the use of the NX bit. It also memory maps any I/O device on the address bus, meaning if your video card has 1024MB of RAM, that will be taken as part of the 4GB limit. Along with every other I/O device you have, hence why you'll never get 4GB of usable RAM in XP as every device you have has to be addressable via memory mapping on the address bus. Technically the hardware itself supports addressing for 64GB. On a side note, TigerDirect as Cosair 2x1GB DDR2/800 kits for $10.
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