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  1. Heh, so a 15 year old kid managed to get control of Shirley Phelps of Westboro Baptist Twitter account, remotely recorded porn to her DVR, and disconnected her internet service. Awesome

    1. Kuma


      Buy a beer to that kid lol

  2. Yea, the Wii version did alright, the 360/PS3 units didn't with over 1.4 million units unsold. Still just a chunk of their problems tho.
  3. Read the wiki link Lots of reason if you spend the 5 minutes reading the history section.
  4. Wiki has a nice break down of their history, they've been hurting since 2009. They made 5 million on the Humble Bundle, but they also reported a net loss $240 million in 2012. They seem rather buggered.
  5. Yea, that's just Big Picture. Not a whole lot on the console yet, I'd imagine it's just gonna be a low end custom PC running a flavor of Linux as Steam for Linux is now officially open beta.
  6. First round for the Ts you gotta go tec-9, only way to roll
  7. zd, you didn't answer my question which ruins my follow up. Meh. But lets go with an example of something I'd bet you'd think as 'persecution' against Christians, Ahlquist v Cranston. Jessica Ahlquist had heard there had been complaints about a banner that displayed the 'school prayer', she took interest attended school board meetings and started a Facebook page leading to the involvement of the ACLU with time and the school district decided to foolishly take it to court. Now I say foolishly as they had no legal standing - the very first amendment specially starts with whats coined the "Establishment Clause" which states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" But that originally only applied to the federal government, not the state governments. Thanks to the 1947(and the 14th amendment) Everson v. Board of Education the 1st Amendment(along with the rest of the Bill of Rights) were incorporated to the state governments as well. This is interpreted by the Judicial Branch as Congress can't declare a national church, nor can it prefer one religion over another. Now no matter what you personally believe should have happened, the right thing happened and our government functioned the way it's supposed to and the school was forced to remove the banner. Now the 'Christian' response to this wasn't to organize a campaign and call their representatives and amend the 1st amendment - not that it would be practical but that is what you'd need to do. Instead they responded by blaming her - a 16 year old girl - and sending her threats of physical harm, death, hate and name calling to the point were police had to escort her around the school. So far all the things you've called persecution of Christians hasn't been persecution but equal rights for those who don't share your beliefs on publicly owned properties. Now congress identifies themselves as 85% Christians, the Supreme court in modern times has a had Catholic majority, now being lazy and assuming since some 70% of Americans identify themselves as Christians I'd be willing to bet the executive branch and the district court judges have a Christian majority. Now we have the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial branch that all have a Christian majority - the people who execute the law, the people who create the law, and the people who interpret the law. It seems quite silly to me that Christians are being persecuted in America as Christians have a force majeure in every branch of US government. Americans have the right to remove any religious paraphernalia from any publicly owned land unless it represents people of all religions thanks due to the Bill of Right's 1st Amendment. You may not like it, and you don't have to, but it is the law. Side note, if you want to be 'persecuted' go buy yourself a crossbuster hoodie and go through any bible-belt mall and count the number of times you get dirty looks, get told you're going to hell, get refused service, or just people trying to fight you.
  8. Hah, cool. Makes more sense now, but just the most ridiculously inefficient rendering, <3 java.
  9. It's Java/LWJGL, doubt optimization would achieve much. I've still never see MC use that much ram, running specifically with Rei's Minimap, GLGS, Optifine threaded, and whatever hi-def texture pack.
  10. His machine is only pushing 60 fps, and your frame rate should never dip below your cmd/updaterate from what I gathered, hence 64 and even that is probably pushin it.
  11. Limit, have you set cl_cmdrate 64, cl_updaterate 64, cl_interp 0, cl_interp_ratio 1
  12. Been a number of stories over the years. From crosses at cemeteries, Christmas displays on public places (It's a national holiday for crying out loud. Stop crying about it!), and other monuments. Display of the Ten commandments for example in some government buildings. Here is an example: http://www.cbsnews.c...par-over-cross/ So if they had chosen to represent a different religion, like putting a statue of Buddha to represent the Buddhists that died in the tower how many Christians do you think would protest?
  13. amertrash

    The War Z

    I'm with Jackie - they released an unfinished game without informing the people of it, their company looks questionable at best, and micro-transactions to top it off.
  14. You should put the heatsink on before installing the motherboard, and you shouldn't have turned the pins. With the motherboard not mounted you line up the pins between the heatsink and motherboard then push down, you should visibly see the black plastic spreader push out forcing the two white tabs to expand. To remove it, you turn the tabs(either by hand or they have a slot for a flat head screw driver) and pull straight up to remove it. Put on right it's quite sturdy. For temps, if your got the Asus board you can use Asus Probe, it's on their site. You can also use something like SpeedFan or Core Temp
  15. Err, how is Minecraft consuming that much RAM? Even with the GLSL shader mod + 128x textures I don't see it climb much past 2GB on my machine.
  16. Preacher, skipping the quote to make it a bit smaller As for what Christians believe - that's what you believe yourself not on a whole. I was born and raised mostly in Catholic schools and likewise many of their views are different from yours or any other Christian sect. My grandmother still thinks my brother is going to hell for converting to Lutheranism for that matter. But cutting through it you believe that people who don't "find Jesus" are going to hell, and you believe your God is the all knowing creator of all. That means that your god knew that throughout history that not only would the greater majority of Humanity be in perpetual suffering(Always liked the First Noble Truth of Buddism for this - the dukkha) in life, but would be doomed to hell simply for living in place where Jesus isn't known or illegal. Being born in North Korea means living life in poverty and misery and going to hell as Jesus is virtually unknown and illegal for that matter. This makes your god seem quite cruel to me, but it's not like the other major religion that believe in a concept of Heaven and Hell are any different, their believers all feel the same as you do about their beliefs and believe they are on unquestionably right. All of the major religions believe that they are right and everyone is wrong with no actual evidence, and they're all influenced by each other, just like every monotheistic religion took from Zoroastrianism. Just like if you were born in an area that was Islamic you'd probably believe in Muhammad and the Kabba and the rest. I see no compelling evidence that any of you are right, much less any reason to believe in any of them. I also find it amazing that you believe some of the greatest philanthropists and artists are in hell(or going to) because they didn't believe in what you do, but a serial rapist that finds Jesus can go to heaven. As for Christians not discriminating on race, that's your belief. The Morman's official stance until 1978 didn't allow black people full membership into the church, just like in the past different sects of Christianity(And Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, etc) throughout history discriminated against people that weren't part of their ethnic group. As far as your stance on believing homosexuality is evil - if you truly believe that you should stop using computers as with out Alan Turing we wouldn't have them. Without Eric Allman and Marshall Kirk McKusick we wouldn't have email, and the internet itself probably wouldn't exist in its current form. Being Muslim, homosexual, Christian, Pagan, whatever doesn't make you good or bad, or any more moral than the rest. For that matter from how I was raised on Jesus I don't believe he would he would judge, hate, or persecute homosexuals or other religions. His teaching from what I was taught was that of peace, love, understanding and unity of man without discrimination or hate. I personally believe in Humanity and I'm Apatheistic. I don't see how any religion that believes in a god or gods is any more correct than the rest, nor am I concerned about the existence of a deity that seemingly has no concern about us. I do not Judge others on their religion I just ask that they don't try and force it upon others, it's simple enough. ZD, I've never even heard of someone being angry at a military cemetery over the use of crosses. Further more it makes no sense as atheists in the military get their own symbol just like Muslims, Sikas, etc.
  17. Didn't ask for proof, asked for tangible evidence as to why one would choose to believe in what you do. You do have the relics of Jesus, but it's not like those are scientific. Calcata even had an annual parade with the "Holy Prepuce" until the 80s when someone stole it, seems a bit wacky to me. But skipping over it and going back to question in another thread that you didn't answer. Do you believe only Christians can go to Heaven and everyone else is going to Hell? Is Gandhi in hell? Will Bill Gates and Warren Buffet go to hell after they die, as they donate billions of dollars to charity but aren't Christians? How about people that live their entire life as good people but we're raised as Taoist, Hindu, Buddhist? Or the hundreds of Tibetans in the last few years that have burned themselves alive in peaceful protest to protect their religion and culture?
  18. What evidence do you have that supports your claim that there is something after death?
  19. "Try to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead." - Modified Vonnegut We live a exceedingly short life. Nothing is worse than children dying as they are ignorant to the world around them, and innocent at heart. I hope their families can fine peace and eventual happiness in time, it's something that we all deserve.
  20. amertrash


    I have a Tandy 1000 from a client you can have if you wanna feel nostalgic Also, interview with the simcity developers, of course top two questions - Origin only, and *Requires* a constant internet connection. Don't think I'll be buying it honestly.
  21. amertrash


    Patch for running SimCity 2000 for Windows under Windows 7 64. Dont even need DosBox
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